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Digital Citizenship by Emily Carson

What Is Digital Citizenship??

It is defined as the knowledge gained by parents, teachers, etc. about the use and etiquette of technology by kids and students. This video includes a more detail description of what exactly Digital Citizenship holds!

Did You Know - Information Technology Revolution

Did You Know??

Everything you put on the Internet become part of the public. Teacher, college admission offices, and employers look at your profile even when you don't know it. So, beware! People talk and your profile could be spread like wildfire because of that one time in Cancun when you were a sophomore in college. Also, did you know people can gain access to your personal information through your profiles and your online shopping?! Oh ya that's actually a thing!

In digital era, privacy must be a priority. Is it just me, or is secret blanket surveillance obscenely outrageous? ~Al Gore

Nine Elements that Make-up Digital Citizenship

1. Digital Access- Knowledge of the worlds access of technology

2. Digital Commerce- Exchange of goods over the Internet

3. Digital Communication- Exchange of information over the Internet

4. Digital Literacy- Teaching and understanding technology

5. Digital Etiquette- Knowledge of the standards of using the Internet

6. Digital Law- The rights of Internet use

7. Digital Rights & Responsibilities- Knowledge of the Internet around the world

8. Digital Health & Wellness- Physical and Psychological health of the user

9. Digital Security- Knowledge of How to be Safe on the Internet

Let Your Students Know!

Digital Citizenship

Find Your Papers? Good! Have fun and be safe!