Age: 16 from: La Liberated, Columbia

Beto's Family

Beto was beaten by his brother and mother as a teenager, and his older brother was taken from his mother's possession when he was very little. His siblings fought and broke apart after they left the house. He never had a father like we would think of, and he never had a good role model.

Inspiration to fight for peace

One of the things that made Beto want to fight for peace was him being beaten by his brother and mother. He didn't want other kids to go through what he went though everyday getting home from school and at the time things like this were happening all over Columbia

the most impressive thing about Beto

One of the things that impresses me the most about Beto was that even though he was beaten, no one really cared for him, and grew up surrounded by drugs and gang violence he still managed to be alter boy at his church and go to meetings about peace talks and in demestic. He shows that even if you are born in to a life of gangs and drugs there are still ways to get out.


One of the biggest things that Beto was influenced by was his local church. Other things like getting beaten and having a disfigured family also contributed

A Question

If I was given the chance to ask Beto a question I would ask him how he was able to build up enough courage to go out and do what he does well armed militants are watching over him. I could never do what he does and I think anyone involved and dangerous lifestyle deserves a lot of respect and support.