Water, Nitrogen, and Carbon

Water Cycle

There are 6 steps in this cycle. Evaporation goes to condensation, and then to precipitation. Transpiration can also go to condensation, and then to precipitation. After precipitation, it goes to accumulation.

Nitrogen Cycle

The nitrogen cycle has a few steps. After an animal deposits waste, decomposers break it down. This is called ammonification. Another way to get to ammonification is through nitrogen fixation. After that, the nitrogen particles are sent back into the atmosphere through both assimilation and donitrification.

Carbon Cycle

The carbon cycle has only a few steps. First factories emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which is then kept as a "blanket" for us. After that, plants take in that carbon dioxide to give us back oxygen for us to live. It is also put back into the soil after we die to be given back to the factories.