Commercial Précis

Ndey Jasseh

'Axe Peace: Make Love Not War'

1. During the 2014 Superbowl, Axe launched a commercial displaying their new men’s’ body spray, Peace. At first glance, the company potrayed the advertisement to be about common war themes. Axe used four key storylines including the Vietnam War, World War II, North Korea’s militia, and bombing in the Middle East.

2. The commercial ends with men showing affection through these critical situations. The Vietnam story line shows the soldier kissing towards a Southeast Asian woman, the next story line includes a tank driving through rubble and exiting from it is a Russian soldier who kisses his partner, the North Korean story shows a man dressed in similar attire as Kim Jong Un looks as if he is about to command several soldiers, shows his partner a photo of him and her in the crowd, and the final story shows a Middle Eastern man holding a briefcase with a large red button (resembling a control for a bomb) which triggers fireworks.

3. Using the transfer (as an emotional appeal) technique Axe uses common and difficult historical events and transforms them into softer feelings to deliver these emotions to their body spray.

4. The Axe commercial is directed towards men, more specifically those who felt emotional towards violent situations such as the ones shown in the commercial, using a sensitive tone.