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A Little Family Update

December was a beautifully busy month for the Wright family - as I'm sure it was for you too! We cut down our first Christmas tree together, hosted family to celebrate Christmas in San Antonio, and spent a week relaxing in Colorado! We're now on the mend from a traveling stomach bug and can't wait to settle back into {somewhat of a} routine!
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Resolve to Care for Your Skin

It's never too late or too early to begin really caring for your skin, but I can think of no better time than the New Year! After all, your skin is a living organ that is with you for life and caring for it is essential. Our world-renowned dermatologists have created high-quality products for all skin concerns. Not only will they treat and heal whatever skin concern you may have, but they will also work preventatively to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy and youthful. So here's the skinny of our Core Regimens:

REDEFINE: For wrinkles, fine lines, large pores, and sagging skin. This regimen is for ALL skin and people of ALL ages, as it works to undo the visible signs of aging, as well as prevent them! Once your other skin concerns have been addressed, this is the regimen you want to be on!

REVERSE: For sun damage, dark marks, uneven skin tone, and melanoma (pregnancy mask). Our doctors refer to this as SHOUT for your face! If you have EVER spent a day without Broad Spectrum SPF, then recommend you use it at least once a year (usually after summer) as it brightens your skin tone and reverses the signs of aging due to the sun.

SOOTHE: This regimen is especially for sensitive skin. Not only is it gentle on your skin, but it actually works to TREAT and HEAL your skin! Using a proprietary peptide blend, it blocks the inflammation process and helps to rebuild the skin's natural lipid barrier. If you have sensitive skin, you need this regimen.

UNBLEMISH: If you have acne, Unblemish is for you. Not only does it fight the hormonal cycle of acne, but it also treats the pesky post-acne marks that are left behind. This was the only skincare regimen to give me clear skin after a 10 year struggle!

If you'd like to place an order, be sure to get with me first so I can get you set up with FREE Shipping and a 10% Discount on all products!

Click below to complete our Solution Tool - in just a couple of minutes, you'll get a personalized recommendation from our Doctors! And complete your email address at the end and I'll send you a special Mini Facial!

And, of course, my personal results with using UNBLEMISH

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Preferred Customer Giveaway

Every month I do a FREE PRODUCT giveaway! To be entered in the drawing, you just have to place an order as a Preferred Customer in that month. This month I'll be giving away a full-sized bottle of our ESSENTIALS Daily Body Moisturizer. Especially during these dry winter months, I've been loving how it hydrates my skin each day and I know you will too!
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What About You?

For the longest time, I wasn't "into" New Year's Resolutions. Looking back, I think it was a mixture of being afraid of failure and/or being tied to something, as well as wanting to be consistent and true to myself (growing organically), rather than setting out to make a change just because "now's the time." In recent years, however, I've come to look forward to the New Year. It's a time for reflection, which I love. And it's a time for fresh starts, which I'm growing to love even more. I want to grow. I want to challenge myself. I want to be stretched. In all aspects of my life, I want to press into the LORD to seek what He is calling me into THIS YEAR. I'm learning that God created order and rhythms, and so it is GOOD to regularly pause and take stock. So now, every year, I look forward to a long conversation with my hubby (usually CO in the hot tub or sauna!) where we reflect on the past year and talk about New Year's Resolutions.

Everyone's New Year's Resolutions are unique to them, but I want to encourage you this year to consider whether Rodan + Fields may be the perfect vehicle with which to pursue your resolutions. Maybe your resolutions include ...

- getting out of debt

- putting more into savings

- traveling!

- growing in community/relationships/friendships

- giving more generously

- creating something that will give you a feeling of accomplishment

- stepping outside your comfort zone

- taking care of your skin :)

If any of those resonate with you, let's chat! No pressure - just a conversation around what the opportunity with Rodan + Fields may look like for you.

NEW Referral Rewards Program

I'm changing things up a little this year - for every referral you send my way who becomes a Preferred Customer or Consultant, you'll get virtual punches that will add up to a FREE REGIMEN for you! As you know, my business grows solely on word of mouth and largely through my amazing friends and family and loyal Preferred Customers! So if you know someone looking for a skincare regimen that will actually work OR if you know someone who could benefit from this amazing gig, send them my way!

And BONUS you'll get DOUBLE PUNCHES in January - just for referring people to me!

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