Pediatric Oncology Nurse

Alexis Lopez

Job Description

A Nurse for kids who provide and coordinate patient care and may provide primary and speciality healthcare.

Duties and Responsibilities

Nurses need to be able to go out through out their without being emotionally affected by a patient.They also administer medications, record observations, talk with parents and doctors , and perform any test on the patient.

Education Requirement

  • Need a registered nurse license by passing a required exam

  • clinical knowledge required

  • associates degree or higher

Job Outlook

The average salary of pediatric oncology nurse is $79,000, which is way more than the average salary of an average registered nurse,. It is most likely to increase 22% between 2008-2018

Salary And Work Enviroment

average salary for a certified oncology nurse is 93,000. average salary of a non-certified pediatric oncology nurse is $79,000.

  • Hospitals

  • constantly on your feet

  • can affect you emotionally

Related Courses and Experience

  • 1-3 years of nursing experience
  • Child Development
  • Human Development
  • Medical Careers