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May 14, 2016

316 GiveBack Car Wash...TOMORROW

Tomorrow: Sunday, May 15 from 8am-1pm, we will be washing cars as a "Thank You" for all the support we receive from 316 for our Mission Trip Funds.

Wear your Connect New Green Shirts!

You will receive an automatic 5 points for helping but an additional 3 points (8 total) if you show up at 7:45am!

Ministry Safe Training for VBS!!!

It is VERY important that if you plan on helping for VBS week that you attend the training Sunday, May 22, from 2-4pm (before Youth Connect). A completed volunteer form also must be completed. They are available at the VBS table in the narthex.

316 Points

Just a reminder: The person with the MOST points by July 1st will win a special prize! This means you should continue earning points even after you reach 100!


Allison- 65/100

Blake- 84/100
Bradley- 32/60
Brayden- 77/100

Ethan- 84/100
Holly- 92/100
Ian- 79/100
Jessica- 86/100
Jordan- 77/100
Jordyn- 59/100
Joseph- 72/100
Kaylee- 77/100
Lucas- 62/100
Macy- 83/100
Madi- 72/100

Ryan- 38/55
Savannah- 70/100
Sean- 77/100

Ways to Get MORE Points

May 1- Bring a Friend, 3 points

May 15- Car Wash- 5 points, add 3 points if you come at 7:45am

June 13-17- VBS Week - 5 points per day

Sunday School-10am (1 point)

Sunday Youth- 4-6pm (1 point)

CCA Food Pantry- Ongoing (2 points)

Outside VRUMC Service- Up to 10 points (ask Daira)

May Calendar

Please Note: April and May-Wednesday Nights will be the 1st and 3rd of each Month

Sunday, May 15- Car Wash (starting at 7:45am)

Sunday, May 15- YC (4-6pm) Volleyball

Wednesday, May 18- YC (6-8pm) Main Event (Lewisville)

Sunday, May 22- Ministry Safe Training (2-4)

Sunday, May 22- YC (4-6pm) Soccer

Wednesday, May 25- NO YOUTH

Sunday, May 29- YC (4-6pm) End of the Year Bash


Facebook: @VRUMConnect

Twitter: @ConnectVRUMC

Text:@YouthConnect to 23559

Password: vrumcyc

or join online with this link

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