"Moo if you love the zoo!" By: Chloe Lamb, Hour 2

Zoology Overview

  • Zoologists may have to travel to places with harsh weather conditions
  • They will work in labs, and they will work with nature
  • Zoologist may have to plan and conduct activities at zoos
  • They will have to take care of animals and study animals
  • Zoologist should be social, they will work with kids and adults
  • The job outlook is overall good and should increase about 9 to 12% in the next 5 years
  • The national salary can range from $41,890 to $112,400
  • They work about 40 hours a week
  • You should like animals and studying them in their natural habitat
  • You may train and feed the animals, and make sure they are healthy

Pros & Cons


  • You get to be around animals and nature
I love animals and nature
  • You get to travel and see new things
I love traveling and I like to see exotic new things
  • You can help, feed and take care of lots of animals

I love having responsibilities and caring for animals


  • You may repeat tasks over and over again
I hate doing the same thing over and over again, it gets boring
  • You may have to work over time
I might have plans or want to see my family
  • You may have to say good bye to animals you grow close to
I hate saying goodbye, I cry and get really sad

Steps to Success

Some high school courses you might want to take are...

  • Animal Care and Veterinary Study - you learn about animals
  • Biology - you learn about living things
  • Advanced Biology - you go deeper in living things
  • Biotechnology for Plants, Animals and Environment - you learn about animals and nature
  • Advanced Biology courses


* Biology* Chemistry* English Composition* Physics* Pre-Calculus


College 1

What - UW College-Barron County

Where - 1800 College Drive Rice Lake, WI

Tele - 715.234.8176

Website - http://barron.uwc.edu


  • You can take evening classes
I like to have free mornings and work at night
  • About 95% that apply are accepted
I have a good chance of getting in
  • They have a wide range of sports offered
I like to play sports and it would be fun to take one

  • It is in a small town and is not very close to a big city
I love big cities and don't like small towns
  • It is a public college
I want to go to a private college
  • It's only a two year college
I want more options, if I want to go longer then I can't at this school

College 2

What - UW College-Waukesha

Where - 1500 North University Drive Waukesha, WI

Tele - 414.521.5200

Website - http://waukesha.uwc.edu


  • They have night classes
I love night classes and I'm a night owl
  • They have cheerleading
I want to be a cheerleader
  • They aren't too expensive
I don't want to spend too much money, I want to get my worth out of it

  • There's not a lot of people that attend the school
I love people, I want to be around people
  • It's not near my family
I love my family and want to be by them
  • It's only a two year college

I want the option to go longer then two years

College 3

What - Texas A&M University

Where - Texas A&M University College Station, TX 77843

Tele - 979.845.3211

Website - http://www.tamu.edu


  • It's right by my family
I love my family and it would be great to live by them
  • Close by a city
I love the city
  • It's my dream college
I have always wanted to go there

  • It's expensive
I don't want to spend a ton of money
  • There's no cheerleading
I want to do cheerleading
  • Far from my mom and dad
I love my mom and dad and want to be close by them


Wisconsin Natural Resources


Tell. 1-888-936-7463

101 S. Webster Street . PO Box 7921

Madison, Wisconsin 53707-7921

ASM society


(202) 737-3600

American Society for Microbiology

1752 N Street, N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20036-2904

Job Advertisement

Do you love animals? We love animals too! Well guess what, you can sign up today to become a zoologist! You will need a doctorate degree and should have graduated high school. The national salary can range from $41,890 to $112,400. You will work about 40 hours a week. You will handle and care for all different types of animals. You may also occasionally travel. You will work in a zoo, and also in labs sometimes. And don't worry you'll get a spot, because the job out look is great! Please contact us at 1800welovezoo. And our website is zoologistscan.org.

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