Mrs. Zastopil

All About Mrs. Zastopil

The Past

Before her nine years of teaching she went to University of Houston, Downtown. Instead of wanting to go to U of H she originally wanted to go to North Texas State. We asked her what she would've change in college and replied with " I wish I would've waited to get married after college."

Her Life Outside of School

"I can play the piano. I'm really good at it. I'm a classical pianists." That was her response to the question of do you have any hidden talents. She has a family tradition of carving pumpkins and judging them.

Her School Life

Her number one pet peeve is when kids smack their gum and blow bubbles. One of the reasons she loves teaching is she gets to read a lot in class. She was in choir and she loves music so if she ever changed the subject she taught it would be choir. "I love working with kids." said Mrs. Zastopil when we asked her why does she love her job.