The Holocaust

By : Eeshaan.Shukla Digital Literacy Period 6 Fri Jan 8 2016

Introduction paragraph

Hi my name is Eeshaan and I am here to explain to you about the rise of Holocaust. Historians can confirm the holocaust was one of the darkest ages in humanity but, who and what caused this? Scientist and historians have also provided ample proof that Hitler and his "army" the Nazis caused this. My driving question is How can I inform students about the holocaust? I chose this topic because I was intrigued by the question I had in mind "who caused one of the most destructive wars in history?"

How Hitler rose?

The stock market of New York collapsed on October 29, 1929 , setting a chain reaction around the world. The economy became vulnreble in Germany and there were no imports or exports, production levels fell, bank fails followed by inflation. The middle class got hit and went into poverty.Gustav Stressman (The Prime Minister) died due to stress.The chancellor went to the president and invoked article 48 emergency elections giving Hitler his chance to shine and assume the role of chancellor. Nazi Propaganda and Censorship : After the end of democracy (Hitler eliminated) the Nazis orchestrated a huge propaganda to win the loyalty of Germany. The Nazi propaganda ministry directed Dr.Joseph Gobbels to take control of communication and they were allowed to break into houses or listen to people's phone calls with no warrant. On may 10th, 1933 the Nazis raided libraries and schools. Students and professors were forced to books that threatened Hitlers beliefs. 2500 books were burnt, most were by minority like Jews for example, Einstien and Sigmeund Fried . The Nazis burnt books of Helen Keller and she had retaliated by responding to them, "Tyranny never wins ". The Nazis created Adolf Hitler fan clubs and declared holidays like, Hitler's birthday and the day he rose to power. Nazi Racism : Hitler has always been obsessed with races, for him minorities were like pests. He saw minority as a "Poisonous race" that "lived off other races." He wanted to "purify" germany. For him an ideal German was a tall, blue eyed blonde. Some of the minorities he eliminated were :

  • Jews
  • Africans
  • Roma Gypsies


“Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.”
Martin Luther King Jr.

This quote is valid because whatever Hitler did was legal. What Hitler had done was very clever he had changed Germany from a Democracy to a Dictatorship without breaking a lot of laws! What I have learnt from this topic is no democracy is perfect and I learnt that laws are flawed and the damage of a dictatorship. I have also learnt there is no such thing as a government with no haters