Literary Devices Found In Two Kinds

John Bruce 8/28/12


The story Two Kinds takes place in ChinaTown, San Franciso. Most of the story is in her house/apartment. Also they go to some sort of auditorium for her talent show. She goes to get piano lessons from the deaf guy also.


Ni Kan is the main character and her mother are the main people. Her mother is very strict but only wants her to do her best. Ni Kan doesnt want to do everything her mom says but doesnt see she is just wanting her to try her best at things. You also meet Mr. Chong, he is very nice and teaches Ni Kan to play piano, but he is deaf so she can slack off around him all the time.

Plot(Exposition, Rising action, Climax, Resolution)

Expostion: They are watching Shirley Temple, and her mother was tellling her to be like Sherley.Rising Action: When her mother was dissapointed in her, and she was looking in the mirror and said she felt like she was dieing inside. Also when her mother gets the piano and she goes on to perform and messes up really bad.Climax: She tells her mom shes not playing the piano and snaps on her, then brings up old memories and her mom just walks away and doesnt make her play anymore.Resolution: She realizes her mom just wanted her to do the best she could.

Internal Conflict

The internal conflict in this story is that, Ni Kan, the main character does not want to be what her mother is telling her to be. She just wants to be herself and figure out what she likes to do. She is upset that she can't do what her mother wants her to do but she is also angry that her mother just wants her to be famous instead of listening to what she wants to do. What she doesnt realize though is that her mother just wants the best for her and is trying to make her a better person.

External Conflict

Her mother is wanting her to be famous and be a prodigy, but Ni Kan doesnt like her mother telling her what shes going to be and how she should live. Ni Kan isn't really practicing good, so she plays bad in the talent show. Her mom doesnt say anything just looks dissapointed. The next week she tells Ni Kan its time to practice piano, she refuses. They get into a huge fight and Ni Kan brings up bad memories. The mother and daughter are the main example of external conflict.


I believe the theme of this story is that dont think you mom doesent care what you want, she does. In this story the mom is trying to get her to do all kinds of things but the daughter doesnt want to because she want to do what she wants. The mom is just trying to help her daughter get into different stuff. Ni kan doesnt try anything though, if she actually was enthusiastic about it she might like some of the stuff. The theme is that moms are just trying to get you to do the best you can.

Question One

When she sees herself, she is dissapointed, she says she feels like a part of her died. It shows internal conflict with herself and that she isnt happy with what her mother is trying to make her do. It says that there are "two kinds" to her. She does what her mother says but doesnt ever want to do it.Question 2: Her mother was just pushing her to hard and Ni Kan couldn't handle it. Ni Kan didnt really try at anything her mother wanted her to do.Queestion 3: It makes her mother want more out of her because she couldnt raise the other children she had. She was just stressed that her one daughter wouldnt try anything she wanted her to do.