Themes Of Asian Literature

By, Colton Chandler

Our theme was human endurance.

Asian culture is a great way to define endurance as the culture focuses a lot of its morals and tips on not giving up. Their countries have been through so much but they remain to teach discipline, honor, and of course, endurance. The definition of human endurance means to defy the odds, to keep getting up after falling down, to not give up.

How can this theme apply to Asian Literature?

It can apply to asian literature by utilizing one of the countries good qualities in its culture, endurance. Endurance is part of their culture, and what better way to express culture than to write about it?

How can literature be used to honor traditions and culture?

It can be used to honor traditions and culture because literature is actually a large part of their culture. They honor hanging onto traditions by simply writing poetry or other forms of literature.

How can it even challenge culture as well?

It challenges culture as well by introducing new ideas that might even be against the culture but they adapt and change like everyone else. So by adapting, it is challenging old traditional values and even culture itself. Culture is constantly changing, even though we don't see it.
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