How to Be a Great Babysitter!

Hosted by North Kingstown Recreation

How to Be a Great Babysitter!

Course is recommended for ages 11 years and older. Fee: $75.00 per person. Includes book, certificate and CPR card and a Pizza Party Lunch

How to be a GREAT Babysitter

Monday, Feb. 15th 2016 at 9am

30 Beach Street

North Kingstown, RI

The classes are fast paced, interactive and fun! Lots of “hands on” practice using adult and infant mannequins. Games and role play are used throughout the program to enhance learning.

  • Adult/child/infant/CPR

  • Choking

  • Use of an AED

  • Changing and feeding a baby

  • Babysitting safety and prevention of injury

  • Elements of first aid for the young child

  • Stages of child development

  • Getting your babysitting business started

    The instructor for this course is Catherine Alexander RN, DNP. She is a registered nurse with over 25 years of health care experience and a mother of four teens. She brings a unique and extensive level of expertise and personal insights to this program.

Babysitting classes with Mobile Medical Training!