Time to DE-THAW & Share Away!

March 26, 2015

Dear 1st Impressions Team,

It's happening! I can sense it. I can feel it! The world is warming up with spring and with that comes big momentum with our businesses!

I'm excited to max out this fabulous compensation plan we have and share our opportunity with the incredible women I've met along the way STARTING TODAY!

  1. Sponsoring Tip that takes 5 mins!
  2. End-of-Month Reminders

US Teammates: Opportunity Call with Jessica Herrin & Diamond Director Tysh Mefferd TODAY

TODAY is the Opportunity Call with Jessica DiLullo Herrin and Diamond Director Tysh Mefferd as the guest leader. This is what I'm doing AND invite you to join me.

(International Team, you can do this for your next Opp Call too!)

Text our Opportunity Webinar Invite out to at least 5 people. COMMENT here when you have done so. I've also added the WORDS to say to the COMMENTS section for you to copy/paste.


  • -2 BFFS that you have been NERVOuS to mention this to BUT you know would be GREAT and would love it AND you would love working with them.
  • -2 FAVORITE hostesses who LOVE S & D and wear their jewels ALL the time.
  • -2 customers from recent shows that you think might be interested in hosting BUT who knows...maybe they are interested in the opportunity. You won't know unless you ask.
  • -Co-Worker that is always complimenting you on your accessories
  • -Mom from school that is stylish and always has a smile on her face
  • -FB friend who is always liking your posts
  • -Neighbor who has attended your shows, is SO kind and fun..and you think would enjoy earning a little extra $$$.

TEXT, Email or FB Message THIS:


Okay, you may think I'm CRAZY, but I've been thinking about you and had to reach out. I LOVE being a stylist..and for what it's worth, I think you would be AMAZING and love it too. I'm reaching out as there is a quick call today that is super informative and I'd would love to invite you to dial in to learn more. Take it as a HUGE compliment, but if you are interested in learning how you could earn $1000/month working 5 hours a week, and getting to wear fabulous accessories every time you step out of the house..lol, this call would be great:). We are about to launch our Summer collection and walking into one of our BEST selling seasons of the year:). Never a better time AND I know that YOU would be GREAT:). Let me know what you think.. xo, Carrie

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Who would you love to work with? Invite her and thrive together!

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5 More Days...

To earn your $500 Coupon for $99!

This is one of the best deals we have with this company! It's a great way to get loads of NEW product. From Jan. 1 - March 31, sell 2000 pqv and earn this coupon!!

  • Check your quarterly sales. How close are you? How about throwing an open house together at your home this weekend?
  • Pop an ONLINE Trunk show out to your friends or better yet, offer for THEM to be hostesses of an online show so they can get oodles for free!
  • Contact any local vendors to see if they'd like to shake things up and kick off spring in a fun stylish way. Create an event where both of your businesses can benefit!

to register for Hoopla and get a bonus of 1000 glam points!

Let's shine bright like diamonds together! I'll be at BOTH our
  • US HOOPLA in Vegas

I hope you'll join me as we get inspired, trained, and delighted together!
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Loved visiting with many from our team this Month!


Portland, ME - April 14th

Maine Teammates, let's gather to plan our season and check out our gorgeous new SUMMER COLLECTION!

Details to come :)


It's looking like Boston area Mid-May (possibly May 13th). Drive, train, fly! Just come and let's celebrate this incredible team and your successes!

Make it a great day everyone!

Carrie McGraw
Star Director & Founding Leader