1st-4th Multiage Application/Update

Application deadline extended to Friday, May 13th

Update: Application Deadline Extended & Teacher Announcement

We are very excited that many families have applied for their child to be in a multiage classroom this fall! We also have a number of families who are still trying to learn more about this class option. In order to give them a bit more time, we have extended the application deadline to this Friday, May 13th at 3:30 pm.

We are also very excited to announce that Ms. Tenille Marowelli, 3rd grade teacher this year, will be our 3rd/4th grade multiage teacher this fall! Like all of our faculty, Ms. Marowelli has a passion for helping every child reach their highest individual potential. She is thrilled to work with her students in the multiage format and we know she will be an amazing teacher for her students!

Want to see what a multiage class looks like in action? Ms. Katherine Vail, teacher for our 1st/2nd multiage class, prepared "A Glimpse Into a Multiage Classroom" overview complete with pictures to help you visualize what students experience on a daily basis. Click Here to see that overview.

Accessing the Application

We have received a few questions from parents having difficulty accessing the Multiage Class Application Packet. It is available in several places.

The link at the very bottom of this communication takes you to our TPCS webpage. On that page there are two spots where you can access the application:

· On the right sidebar it says 1-4 Multiage Application. Click that link.

· In the text body you also see “Multiage Class Application Packet” - just click that link.

In addition, it is also in the Resources section of your RenWeb Home app, school area.

Dear Families,

Traders Point Christian Academy is extending the opportunity for incoming 1st-4th grade students to join the multiage classroom program for the 2016-2017 school year. The multiage classrooms comprise of students who are more than one year apart. This fall, it is our intent to add a 3/4 (grades 3-4) multiage classroom in expansion of the existing 1/2 (grades 1-2) multiage classroom. The multiage classroom was a piloted initiative due to student enrollment last summer and our ongoing goal to meet the needs of every individual learner. However, it has blossomed into a beautiful form of best practice that is strongly supported by research due to the individualized learning framework.

Here are some commonly asked questions and answers for your consideration:

  • What is a multi-age classroom?

Multiage classrooms are composed of students who are up to two years apart. Multiage classrooms are made up of mixed abilities and ages. In a multiage classroom, the teacher uses an individualized approach, based on the students’ developmental stages, rather than an age or grade designation.

  • Will the oldest age group in the multiage class keep pace with their peers in the traditional classes?

Multiage teachers focus instruction on students’ learning needs rather than grade-level curriculum. Therefore, students have the advantage of continuous learning which can allow students to move at their own pace and to continuously grow as learners. The youngest peer and the oldest peer could potentially be at the same academic level. Since the curriculum is based on needs and skills, all students engage in collaborative opportunities based on data rather than a curricular pacing grade that dictates what lessons should be taught.

  • Will multiage students end up with gaps in the curriculum?

When student learning is monitored closely by a classroom teacher, students will not end up with gaps in their conceptual and skill development. Over the span of the school year, students in a multiage class will cover the same topics as their peers in a traditional classroom setting.

  • Will a multiage classroom be managed differently than a traditional classroom?

A multiage classroom will have many differences than a traditional classroom. With the benefit of an individualized instructional model, students will meet frequently in small groups and through one-on-one conferencing with the teacher. This is to ensure that the teacher is able to meet the needs of each and every student on a consistent basis based on data.

The application is linked below and needs to be completed no later than May 13, 2016 for interested participants. All selected students will be notified in June. Please let me know if you have any questions!


Mrs. Erica Buchanan-Rivera