OCPL Weekly Update

June 11, 2015


Full Steam Ahead!

1. The budget is done, approved, turned into Fiscal Court.

2. Our registration as a SPGE (Special Purpose Government Entity) and the $500 fee has been paid to the Department of Local Gov’t. in Frankfort.

3. Terminix has baited the gnats and hopefully our buggy problem will soon be over.

4. The side and front garden are scheduled for a little maintenance that doesn’t involve “overweight and overaged” directors trying to do it all at once. (Thanks Trisha for the big help!) Watch the gardens for a total make-over coming soon.

5. The “Shredder” is going to be here on the 19th of June so maybe we can get the records room and my office cleared out. Got documents to be shredded?…bring them in!

6. We are advertising for persons interested in serving as Trustees on the web page. Know someone who might make a good Board Member? – get them to fill out an application.

7. Time Warner Cable is installing new fiber cable for when we switch usps in October.

8. Paul is feeling much better and should be back at work, at least part-time, next week.

9. Traci is having surgery and will miss Monday-Wednesday next week.

10. Board meeting tonight at 6:30. The Board will approve $15,000 for computer upgrades.

11. And what am I going to do? START ME UP!

I’m going to Nashville the 17th through the 20th to see THE GREATEST ROCK N’ ROLL BAND IN THE WORLD THE ROLLING STONES! And the only Rock n’ Roll Band that are my contemporaries! Hope my former college roommate, Jill, and I don’t get in too much trouble!


Main Library

hi everyone! This week has been much calmer than last, although Monday morning was really hectic - very busy and short staffed. Thanks for powering through, Monday staff! Great job.
Requests to proctor have become increasingly frequent. So I'm working on a proctoring policy that will set parameters so that it doesn't become too complicated. Students are asking to proctor tests when neither Julie or I are working. Also, we need a back-up in case the proctor has to call in sick. Combine that with strict requirements from the schools and it's getting problematic.
I'll be out of town Friday and Monday. Have a great weekend!


South Oldham Library

On Vacation :)


Mahan Library

The parking lot resurfacing over the weekend went well, and they just finished striping the parking lot about a half hour ago. The striping in particular makes me happy, since I know people have been asking for us to get lines in the parking lot for a long time. Check out the pictures below (as you can see, the lot is not yet fully accessible, but it will be very soon).

That's about it. There won't be an update from me next time because I'll be on vacation most of next week (I only work on Saturday). If you need anything, please let Lisa know. See you later!

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Children's Services

Tonight is our Countdown to Kindergarten performance of Mr. Magic. The purpose of Countdown to Kindergarten is to get children excited about school and to help prepare them with the skills that they will need in order to be ready for kindergarten. The magic show is to help get them here and excited about school. Next week, we begin a series of classes on kindergarten readiness skills. Signups are available online for those:http://www.oldhampl.org/srp.html. Here are the answers to some common questions: NO, you do not have to sign up for tonight's perfomance. YES, siblings may attend. NO you cannot come if you do not have a kindergarten student in your family.

School gets out tomorrow, so our programs begin in earnest next week. Susan Bunting will be providing programming at the branches on Tuesdays at Mahan and Wednesdays at South. Here is a link to the children's page with our calendar. Take a look and see all of the fun things that are being offered :http://www.oldhampl.org/children.htm.

Please let me now if you have any questions!


Teens & Main Circ

Thanks to Main Circ for being so awesome and tackling so many "Make it Work" moments this week. I cracked up when Tom introduced himself to me Wednesday morning (I guess he forgot who I was while I was gone doing SRP presentations).

I think I have seen most every teen in OC over the last month, so starting next week, hopefully we'll have a lot of them in the library. They have already been submitting their reading :)

Programs Next Week (teens should register online):
Dystopian Heroes--Monday @ 6 p.m.
Unmasked (After Hours Murder Mystery Party)--Friday from 7 pm - Midnight

Teens can also sign-up online for volunteer opportunities. Have them email me with any questions.

Outreach & Adult Programming

We had our first adult event this Tuesday! It was a wonderful concert by Hewn From the Mountain. One of the songs they recorded is up on the library FB page, so check it out if you get a chance.

Registration for the cake decorating class is already full, but people can register for the waiting list. All other programs still have some spots available. Next week we'll be making worm farms, which is much more exciting than it sounds.

This Saturday is our first open craft of the summer. Dennis Fritz is coming to do spin art, and this program is open for children as well.

Don't forget to let me know if you want to join us for the Staff Craft Day on July 12th! Families can come to this as well, it's just a chance for us to get together, relax, and make some of the crafts I'll be doing at branch programs through the summer. (The first of these is this Monday at South & I'm looking forward to it!)

Technical Services

The summer reading program is ramping up. We can hear the happy and unhappy shrieking in Tech Services as we catalog and process every children's book in sight.

I rewatched this short video to remind myself why the summer reading program is so important. Maybe we can level the playing field for some kids this summer.

Vicki Niehaus
Summer Learning Loss

IT Services

WOW does erate ever stop? No, and that’s a very good thing for us, just wait and see.

Also, it seems colleges are testing online now, guess professors don’t want to trek to class any more than students do. But to counter act the possibility of cheating there are now a whole host of programs out there that colleges use to make it so students can’t just google the answers. (Humm, they have not meet the determined student, by the way I do not condone cheating but this is not the way to try and keep kids from cheating either). Thus as you know (or I hope you know) the library does offer proctoring services for students, so I have been working with WKU (the first of the local colleges that have asked us to use this new software on our computers) to install on certain computers (the blue laptop for now) the Respondus Lockdown program. It essentially locks out the rest of the computer so the user is stuck with just blackboard. I have to say the Respondus and the WKU techs have both been awesome to work with regarding this process and helping me work this out so we can get this to work with our current setup.

Wait does that mean I am out of a gardening job, Susan? I just found the perfect hat too.

Have a good week everyone.

Trisha (the introverted IT Dept)