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Week of 9/19/16

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Weekly News

Well, Friday is a full moon, we have a Future Farmer Assembly, and Club Kick-offs. Please eat all of the cookie dough your heart desires Friday evening :) For some reflection this week, please view the below video entitled, "Every Opportunity". Notice the shift at around 2 minutes and how those small changes in our verbal and non-verbal communications make a HUGE impact on students. You can be a game-changer.

Birthday Certificates

As you know from watching the VRE NEWS, each child is called to the office on their birthday to get a certificate and a sticker. We have many students that don't come and have developed quite a stack up here. In the future, if students are called to the office to celebrate an award or certificate and they do not come, the office staff will place those items in your mailbox the following day if unclaimed. It is so exciting for students to get to come to the office for things like this, so we hope they get the opportunity.

Emergency Procedures

Please take a moment this week to review with your students that they are NEVER to let an adult into the building. We had a kind-hearted student yesterday morning let a parent into the building by the 3rd grade hallway, and while this was an isolated incident, it is important enough to remind all students. Thank you for taking the time to make this a priority. Remember this is "homebase" for me.

I am in the process of updating our Emergency Operations Plan. Please take 2 minutes of your time to complete this STAFF SKILLS SURVEY by Friday, September 23rd.


Heidi and I have started seeing the wonderful things in your classrooms while doing walkthroughs! Once you view your walkthroughs in Eduphoria, please print, sign, and give a copy to your appraiser as soon as possible. Please know that we will often ask reflective questions in the comments section; these are purely for your reflection and not things you need to answer to us, unless you would like to sit down and be thinking partners.

Lesson Plans

Heidi and I have also started looking at lesson plans so that we know what is happening in your classrooms. Please remember that we plan all lessons starting with stage 1: TEKS and learning standards. In Forethought, please click on the TEKS that you are addressing in your lessons so that there are learning standards evident. Thanks for making sure to begin with the end in mind.

LEF grants

I will be forwarding information about LEF campus grants, which give up to a $5,000 grant to one school in each zone. If you have an innovative idea for this grant, please come visit with me.

Staff Meeting

Our staff meeting next week will start with a reflection writing activity (bring your yellow journals) and then Heidi and I will be (re)kicking off our Leader in Me book study. Please review chapters 1 & 2 before the meeting, bring your book, and a writing utensil. We would love for instructional para's to join us, so please shave time off one day next week before or after school so that you can join us Wednesday!

Every Opportunity

The Leader in Me "Memo"

Thank you to those that applied to attend TLIM symposium in Dallas, TX, this year! Heidi and Jacqueline will be attending the pre-conference to go through a micro-version of the 7 habits full training and the following awesome ladies will be joining them on Days 1 & 2 of the Symposium, visiting hosting TLIM schools and attending TLIM sessions: Kelly Walker, Julie Dawes, Jolene McDonie, Jill Kiley, and Cindy Kincaid. We can't wait to hear and see what you bring back!!!

Weekly Happenings

*Sunday, September 18th- Happy Birthday Sara Hardin!!!

*All Week- Scholastic Book Fair

Monday, September 19th

  • ARGGGGH! Dress like a Pirate!
  • Math & Science Learning Fac. ACT day
  • Heidi off campus at training 8-11
  • Rachel in closed-coaching session 10-11 AM
  • Enrichment & Mentoring TEAM time starts

Tuesday, September 20th

  • Twin Day!
  • Math Learning Fac. on campus
  • 12:30-2:00 PM Dr. Cox on campus doing Sped Walks
  • 5-7 PM: Back to School Bash! In-N-Out Burger Truck, Kona Ice Truck, Scholastic Book Fair, and CG obstacle course.
  • 6 PM: PTA meeting

Wednesday, September 21st

  • VRE Spirit Day!
  • ITF Act day
  • 3:15-4:15 Staff Meeting

Thursday, September 22nd

  • Wear Parrot Colors!!! (K-Green/1st-Blue/2nd-Purple/3rd-Orange/4th-Red/5th-Yellow)
  • Math & Science Learning Fac. ACT daY

Friday, September 23rd

  • Backwards Day!
  • 4th Grade LISDOLA
  • 2:15-2:50 PM Clubs
  • If you read this entire newsletter by Friday afternoon, email me your name for a little prize with the subject line "I heart Garrett's Gab" :)

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