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Advice column

Dear Ethan,

I am worried about my friend Hannah. Just the other day (4th of July) I came over to her house so we could go to the Eastern Promenade like we do every year. When i walked into the house i could hear a slight noise coming from the direction of Hannah's room. As i got closer the noise got louder and I realized it was music. This music was unlike any i had ever heard before. It's shrieky and shrill. When i get right next to the door i notice that she is blasting this music awfully loud. I didn't really know what to do so I just walked straight in. When I walked in I saw her bobbing her head up and down and tapping the beat. As soon as she saw me she stopped what she was doing and turned off the music. When I asked her what she was listening to she went on and on about how this boy she meant told her that there are multiple websites that people make to listen to that kind of music,and so much more. I wasn't worried at first because all the music we listen to comes from LAMM, Library of Authorized Music and Movies, but after she told me about these hidden websites I got really scared. This just isn't like her.

Please tell me what i should do to help.



Advice Answer

Dear Lena,

I got your message and i want you to know i'm hear to help. I understand that this is hard to deal with because she is your best friend and all, you need to look at the facts. You yourself cannot stop her unless you get other forces involved and the fact that you are asking me for advice lets me know that you don't want other forces involved. My advice to you is just to sit down and talk to her. If you guys are really best friends she will listen. Now i'm not saying she will agree with you but it will help you a lot to know that you tried to help other than doing nothing at all.



Love is a Disease?

Delirium, is an amazing movie. This movie was based off of the book by Lauren Oliver. In this movie love is a disease. Everyone fears it. All anyone ever wants is to be be cured and with her 18th birthday coming up she is very eager to get it. Well she was. Then there was the boy that showed up in her life. Throughout the book her mind is torn between what her brain tells her and what her heart feels. Will she get the cure or will she seperate from the the cureds. Will she fall in with society or do what she knows is right. You can find all of this out in the movie. You should definitely go check it out.

love is not something you look for love is something you become~Alina Villasante

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