The Montgomery Bus Boycott

By Elijah Shanton


We the people of Montgomery, Alabama are organizing a serious boycott of the bus transit system. Due to the past arrest and fining of Rosa Parks, we have decided that it is our duty to take this situation into control and stop this nonsense of segregation on the public transportation systems in this city.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Will take charge in the event. His profession is a baptist minister, but is a very good social activist. In charge of the SCLC

Rosa Parks

She is a seamstress for her main profession, but she is also a secretary for the NAACP. Was told to move from bus seat because of race but denied.


Lasts for 381 days

Other Ways to Help

  • Using public restrooms
  • Protesting against segregation in school
  • Do not be afraid to stand your ground
  • What they can use, you should be able to use
  • DON'T back down