Holocaust Transportation

Devin Shephard, Alicia Mele, Candace Castro, Erik Estrada

Transportation During the Holocaust

The Jews were transported to Concentration Camps by Cattle Cars. The Transportation to the camps often took days. Individuals, families together with personal belongings were packed and locked into Cattle Trucks. no information on where they were going or how long the journey would be, or what would happen when they arrived at their destination.
The S.S Killing Squads could not deal with individual killings with so many people so the Nazis began shipping Jews off to more "efficient" death camps.
All the Jews that were taken to Germany were tricked to go into "Cattle Cars" that the Germans told them were going to take them to resettlement to the East but actually took them to the Concentration Camps.
Total length 31.6 ft (96 meters) interior space for deportees was 26.2 ft (8 meters).
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