I'm Cato

and I ALMOST survived the Hunger Games

My Story

Hello. I'm Cato. I woke up on Reaping Day. I knew I need to volunteer to give pride to my District. I got into my navy blue suit and walked to the Town Square. I saw the District 2 escort who picks the people. She said welcome and showed the video to us. It's why we have the Hunger Games. The Districts rebelled and they first did it to remind us but now it's just like a reality show for the Capitol.

I'm from District 2. Were one of the richer Districts and we train For the games. Other Districts call us careers.

So any way back to the Reaping, She leant over the bowl and stuck her hand in and chose 1 girl. She opened it and said, "Clove Sevina." she likes throwing/using knives. Careers are always allies so I'll have about 3 others.

Then she chooses a boy. "Harold Unigarsingharf" I say, "I volunteer." not to save him but to fight other tributes. I walk up stage and then we get on the train.

We make it to the Capitol in a few hours and then we get our chariot costumes. I put mine on and glance at the volunteer from District 12. Her name is Katniss and the careers want to get her. So we go in our chariot down the path. We are wearing gold armor with wings on our heads. Then people start paying attention to fire girl and fire boy. Katniss and Peeta. They are the main targets this year.

The next day we start training. I went strait to the swords and start swinging it and stabbing the fake rubber people.

We go back to our apartment. We eat dinner and find out we can't have dessert.

The next day we do the same thing. It's like a routine.

The next day are final evaluations. I go to the swords but show off my best tricks. Time flies by and I finish. Then The next day are scores and interviews. I got an 10 but Katniss got 11.

My interview outfit is like my Reaping outfit. It's navy blue and I like it. Cesar Flickerman interviews me. I told him I'm a fighter and that I'm prepared. After a long hour Katniss is up. She volunteered to save her sister. Her dress catches fire, she impresses everyone blah blah blah blah blah. I really don't like her.

Then Peeta goes and says he likes Katniss and has forever.

We go back and eat and then I fall asleep and wake up late. I rush to the hovercraft. \

We get our trackers and then we are in the arena.

The clock ticks.

3, 2, 1

I run to the swords in the cornucopia. There is a wall. It has a variety of swords. I kill a guy to get them. Then I run with the other Careers.

13 die in the cornucopia.

At night we found a girl and i lent Glimmer my sword.

Peeta is helped us find Katniss but it might not work. We haven't found her.

We sleep on the ground near the cornucopia.

The next day we are down by the river looking for Katniss. We found her and chased her. I tried to climb up the tree she was in. I fell when I missed a branch. Glimmer tried to shoot her but missed. I took the bow and miss too.

Peeta suggests to wait her out so we build a fire. I fall asleep, tired from the long day.

The next day we wake up to a trackerjacker attack. Katniss cut down the nest.

They come swarming around us and we all scream.

Trackerjackers are genetically engineered wasps thats venom causes power hallucinations and sometimes death. I tried to escape.

Glimmer died and we leave her behind.

She was destined to die anyway.

We escape and get back to the cornucopia. We get all the supplies we can and set up a tent. We have a pyramid of large supplies that will draw other tributes into the trap.

The next day we saw a smokey fire.

Clove, Marvel and I go look for it while our other allies protect the stuff. We run off but don't see anyone. We run around chasing fires. Then we hear an explosion. I get mad at the guard. I break his neck and he falls down. Marvel goes out and kills Rue but Katniss shoots him after he threw his spear.

Katniss has killed half of my team and she's going down.

The next day was the Feast. I stayed behind and Clove went.

Her target was to get Katniss and get the bag.

I heard banging against the cornucopia and I knew one of them was dead. I ran over and saw Clove laying on the ground and not blinking.

All the Careers are dead except me.

I started to find Thresh from District 11. I run through the trees and finally see his fire.

I use my sword like I did on the dummys in training. Then he fell down. I looked around and saw something. It was a mutation of a dog. They looked like the other tributes. I ran from them and the got my shoes. They were chasing me to the cornucopia. I climbed up and saw Peeta. I put my sword against his neck and Katniss loaded her bow.
That comes to right now.

I say, "All I wanted to do is bring pride to my District. If you shoot we both go down and you win. I don't really care. I'm already dead anyway." she fires and I fall down being torn apart by the mutts.

Why I Volunteered

I wanted my District to win the Hunger Games. It would put the Capitol on our side even more than they already are. It would make us richer and better

Things I Learned In The Games


verb - Jarring - to send a painful or damaging shock

Synonym: shrill Antonym: harmonious

verb - Stagger - to walk or move unsteadily

Synonyms: sway


If you try hard enough you will accomplish something. I was in the games to be a hero and I almost did it. It was like Cato v.s. District 12. I went far and I am happy I actually got a chance to be the hero.

Why We Have The Games

  1. To entertain the Capitol (70%)
  2. To give food to the Districts (5%)
  3. To remind us of the Rebellion (25%)

About Me

I live in Panem. It is divided into Districts. I live in District 2. Our specialty is Masonry. We are the richest District so I'm well cared for and healthy.

I'm 17 years old and I like using swords.

I can use other weapons but I like swords and machetes best.

Katniss is a threat to me. She's skilled with a bow. She got a higher score than me. She's from District 12 which is very poor. You would think she trained for the games but how could she do it District 12. She's an antagonist.

Peeta says she is confused about why the Capitol citizens like seeing kids kill other kids.

I on the other hand am doing what's right.

I fight without sparking a rebellion, I don't fight for the fun of it, I fight for the pride of winning.

I'm tall and I have short blond hair. I'm strong in many ways. I think I am doing every thing right.


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