Miss Erin's 1st grade class

Summer 2015


My name is Erin Curry, and I am a graduate of Ohio University Zanesville.

I graduated from Maysville High School in 2013.

My degree is in Early Childhood Education.

I am one of four children in my family, and the proud owner of two shih tzu puppies.

I am a member of two vocal ensembles (PureHeart & Soul Legacy),
in which I have traveled all across Ohio and to surrounding states to perform.

I am also a local titleholder within the Miss America Organization,
promoting volunteerism and community service, as well as scholarship.

Looking ahead...

In preparation for the new school year, I ask that you bring the following school supplies on August 26:

  1. Number 2 lead pencils
  2. glue bottle
  3. glue sticks
  4. colored pencils
  5. crayons
  6. markers
  7. child-friendly scissors
  8. a book bag of any kind
  9. an old shirt for painting and messy activities
  10. watercolor paints
  11. pencil box

I am so looking forward to meeting you and all of your children on Meet the Teacher Night. For the coming year, I expect for all of use to grow as a unit as well as grow individually. There will be very few worksheets, as I am a firm believer in the effectiveness of hands-on learning. There will be homework from time to time, just to ensure family involvement within each child's education, but it won't be often. I also want to be clear that I am virtually an open book. Teacher-parent relationships are crucial to the success of your children, in my opinion. If you have any questions, concerns, praises, or criticisms, please let me know via the email provided below. Take care, I'll see you soon, and keep those kids curious!

Thanks in advance for a wonderful year!

~Miss Erin

(Erin Curry)

Contact Information

Please feel free to email me anytime about anything.
Communication is key!