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Well, we have lots to be thankful for in NOVEMBER my friends. It was a phenomenal month overall, with promotions, qualifications, volume way up, sponsoring way up and in fact it was our second highest volume month EVER - WOW!

Welcome to brand new Consultant, Rebekah Thebarge!

Rebekah is our very first Canadian Consultant! She lives in Ottawa, Ontario and loves nutrition and products in general, she stays busy as a manager working at Starbucks!! Welcome to the team, Rebekah, and congratulations to Dana Gagliotti your sponsor!

In Qualification for District Manager:

Sara Gusoff

Kitty Hillman

Emily Steels

NOVEMBER TOP Personal Qualifying Volume (PQV) Leaders!

So many HUGE numbers here! WOW! Antoinette, claims the top spot in NOV - while she is interning, going to school and working two jobs plus Arbonne. Yep - you really can do this alongside other commitments. Nicely done all!

1 Antoinette Mathis $9,616.00

2 Catherine Holbrook Newman $7,483.00

3 Jessica Mellon $7,475.00

4 Andre Lennon $7,422.00

5 Caroline Oliver $5,003.00

6 Josie Griffin $4,409.00

7 Margaret Lyons $3,303.00

8 Millicent Robertson $2,787.00

9 Emily Steels $1,818.00

10 Alison Cerisano $1,402.00

NOVEMBER Top Sponsoring Leaders:

The Maine DUO of Jessica and Josie are OFF THE CHARTS and guess what - that yielded a promotion to DM and a qualification for AREA - yep, numbers do not lie! HUGE CONGRATS!

1 Jessica Mellon 13

2 Josie Griffin 9

3 Caroline Oliver 5

4 Catherine Holbrook Newman 4

5 Millicent Robertson 4

6 Alison Cerisano 4


These numbers are OFF THE CHARTS! Huge congrats to each of you on this list - BOOM!

1 Catherine Holbrook Newman $12,243.00

2 Jessica Mellon $11,884.00

3 Antoinette Mathis $9,616.00

4 Andre Lennon $7,422.00

5 Millicent Robertson $5,495.00

6 Caroline Oliver $5,003.00

PERFECT BRICKS! $2500 in PQV plus five directly sponsored PC/CONS.

Jessica Mellon

Caroline Oliver

This is such a great goal to go for each month and I will be on this list in DEC! :))

District Manager BONUS - $5000QV and FIVE new PC/CONS - all in your Central District gets you an extra $200 in your paycheck!

This is the first time we have had FOUR people on our team earn this and I hope this number is SIX in DECEMBER - so proud of each of you!

Jessica Mellon

Holbrook Newman

Caroline Oliver

Millicent Robertson

AREA MANAGER BONUS! $20,000 in your central AREA plus TEN or more PC/CONS sponsored in your Central Area - an extra $400 in your paycheck! When you are consistently hitting this milestone, you are not far from REGION!

Holbrook Newman!!!!! Blew this out of the water and was inches away from REGION QUAL. It is coming for you! xoxox

NEW District Manager JOSIE GRIFFIN with daughters!

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So I feel like every time I turn around I am writing about Josie and that is because it only took her five weeks to become a brand new District Manager - INCREDIBLE WORK!

Josie really stands out to me because she has somewhat of a quiet way about her, but she is working behind the scenes all the time and shows tenacity, grace, focus, and competitive spirit. Josie has not missed a call or zoom since she started. She is coachable and FUN - well, she is a KIWI, isn't she?! Beyond thrilled to congratulate you on your first promotion - I SEE MANY MORE TO COME! Bravo!

NEW District Manager Peggy Lyons!

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Peggy, we are all thrilled for you at this first milestone in Arbonne. It has not been as easy for you to get going, but I know that you are determined, focused and have been open to this new way of "working," which is a huge shift from where you have spent most of your career. I am so thrilled to have a fitness/health expert like you on our team - - all I can say is that I can't believe you have two children in their 20s?! You look like you are in your 20s my friend! AMAZING! Love that this business can fit in to many different stages of life and that you found a way to earn this promotion despite being all the way in CO! I know you are just getting started with this thing called Arbonne. Huge well deserved congratulations!!! xoxo


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Oh my gosh, I am so excited for this gorgeous leader who I have only known for about nine months - it seems like nine years!!! Let's start with how she books her calendar and really "owns it." She sponsored a crazy rockstar ACE in Josie Griffin last month and they really worked collaboratively in NOV and Jessica was rewarded with the promotion of her first direct DM! WHOOP! Then to just add the cherry on top, Jessica went into a strong qualification of almost the half way point to AREA Manager with nearly $12K !! DM BONUS - Check - top personal sponsoring - Check and top District sponsoring - Check. I am floored and extremely impressed! I better get busy!!!!! HUGE CONGRATS JESSICA!

Millicent Robertson, Regional Vice President, Arbonne International

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