All About Indonesia

By Nichole


Indonesia is a country in the continent of Asia. Indonesians are very different to Australians in many ways because they have different celebrations, they eat completely different foods to us and they wear extremely different types of clothing.


What are the different celebrations in Indonesia and why?

Indonesian celebrations are completely different to Australian celebrations.

When one or more of someone’s relatives in a family dies, another family member plans a funeral each week, for three months once a year to remember you.

Once a year, Muslims remember the birth and death of their god. At night, the Muslims go in a boat and puts lighters in the sky to let them float up in the air because they believe that their god can see them.

What are the different foods and why?

Indonesians eat very different types of foods to Australians whereas in Australia, we eat meat pies, sausage rolls with tomato sauce and barramundi.

Indonesian people always add some sort of spice to what they eat. The reason for that is because the types of food they make, goes well with a type of spice. The spices they use most are powdered chilli, coriander leaves and tobasco sauce. They sometimes make their own spices but to do that, they need to use coconut milk. They use coconut milk because it is a natural resource.

Some Indonesians eat with their hands but when that is, they need to eat with their right hand. They do that to show respect to the people that has cooked the food and for the people around them to show the meal is delicious.

When Indonesians show they are finished their meal, they leave a little bit of food on their plate but if they have eaten all their food, they leave some water in their glass. After they have finished their meal, they sometimes have dessert but it is very rare in Indonesia. It is rare because Indonesia is a very poor country and can’t spend little money they have for the ingredients of food.

What are different clothing In indonesia?

Indonesians wear loose and baggy clothes because it is really hot. The loose and baggy clothes help let fresh air into the clothes to keep cool.

Ladies usually wear skirts with a short sleeved shirt and often wear dresses. The dresses are decorated with beads and sequences. The dresses they wear are very long, traditional, colourful and very sparkly. Most of the women in Indonesia wear colourful patterned head scarves around their heads. The women put bright coloured flowers in their hair because it is a tradition to make them feel beautiful.

Men wear shorts and a singlet. The men’s clothing is very simple. All they wear is buttoned up shirts with bright coloured patterns and long and baggy pants with dark patterns. Sometimes some men are drag queens. Drag queens are men that wear woman’s clothing. But sometimes they wear men dresses that look like woman’s clothing and woman’s makeup.