The Berlin Wall

The Iron Curtain


The Berlin Wall was the wall that divided East Germany and West Germany. The wall was put up by the GDR they put up this wall because the president of Russia at the time didn't want his side of Germany to adopt American way of a democracy he wanted it to be a communist country. The Russian president even died his hardest to burn out West Berlin by cutting off their train route and truck routes so West Berlin was cut off but America came up with the idea of flying supplies in.

Life on the East Side

Every East Berliner has the recurrent dream of flying over to the other side of the wall. (Hofmann) On the East Side you cant buy the things you need with the money you earn because sometimes they wouldn't even have the product you wanted. People were able to trade sometimes depending if you did or didn't have a connection but if you got caught by the Stasi you were in some serious trouble.

Life on The West Side

Every West Berliner was pretty happy living on that side they enjoyed living in a democratic city. They knew they had the better end of the deal watching the East Berliners almost die trying to make it to the west side. The West Side had better jobs, food, housing, money also you can avoid the draft. (Hoffmann) Avoiding the draft was a big reason why East Berliners wanted to move to the West.

No Mans Land

No mans land was the middle part of the wall separating West and East Berlin. It was called no mans land because it was guarded 24/7 watch towers with snipers and machine guns set up barbed wire, dogs, and a big ditch in case a truck tried to brake through. So it was impossible to get across through there you would die in an instant trying to go through. The wall was 11 feet tall or taller in some spots.(Sherman)

Important people from the Berlin Wall


I think that the West Side Of berlin was much better to live in then the East Side Of Berlin. According to the research I've looked through it seems everyone on the East Side and West Side agree with my research the East Siders were willing to die to try to make it over the wall and into a better life.The West Siders were happy on their side and saw the East side struggle living and trying their hardest to make due with what they had.

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