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James Wedding

James Wedding started teaching in 1976. It was his dream to become a teacher when he was in his junior year of high school. Even though he took some breaks from his job, that still did not stop him from his passion of teaching. His two best subjects were American Literature and Introduction to Teaching.

Mr. Wedding came to the CNMI in 1985 and taught at Marianas High School for five years. He was then transferred to Tinian High School (the high school and junior high were separated back then) to assist the then principal in establishing the first ever 12th grade at Tinian High School and we had our first ever 12th grade graduation June 18th, 1991. He became principal in 1992. Some of the duties and responsibilities included setting a budget, staffing of teachers, student discipline, teacher morale and evaluation, establishing a good relationship with the Mayor's Office and the Tinian Legislative Delegation, and working closely with the Elementary School Principal (they shared the same office at the same time). Building K had the high school classrooms and the junior high and elementary classes were held in a very old set of classrooms that no longer exist. He also had a Liaison Office which was ran by the late Henry U. Hofschneider. One thing he will tell you is that it was a lot easier to get what supplies were needed by the teachers because the Liaison Office did our procurement and when I was Principal we also could approve a purchase order not to exceed $2,500 and not have to go through the hassles we go through today.

He likes watching movies, especially the ones where it's black and white. Like the classics of Maltese Falcon with Humphrey Bogart. And others with Bogart and Lauren Bacall. And he also likes reading.

His best moments and memories teaching in TJSHS, was watching three of his children graduate from Tinian High School. And helped established the 12th grade so they won't have to travel off island to finish their high school education.



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