7th Grade Pre-AP Math Newsletter

Cain Middle School


This is the second edition of the Pre-AP Math Newsletter.

I am extremely proud of all my students. They have demonstrated hard work and dedication in the first six weeks of the school year. I want them to know that their commitment and effort has not gone unnoticed. Keep up the good work!

In this edition, we will be outlining the contents involved in the upcoming six weeks. Other expectations for Pre AP Math are also included in this edition of the newsletter.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me or call me during my conference period.

Coach A

Coming Soon in the Second 6 Weeks

  • One-Variable Equations, Inequalities, and their Applications (wrap-up)
  • Proportional and Non-Proportional Relationships
  • Developing an Understanding of Slope and Y-Intercept
  • Proportional Reasonings with Ratios and Rates
  • Fall Benchmark

Cain Time vs. Tutorials

This section is to give a better understanding of the purpose of Cain Time and Tutorials.

Cain Time is an embedded intervention period within the school day.

The Math department uses data from Unit Assessments to pull students that are not successful on the concepts assessed.

We enter students into the Cain Time database and issue passes to the students 24 hours prior to their Cain Time date. If a student does not receive a Cain Time pass, the students can attend another teachers Cain Time class, attend a privilege area or attend a club.

There are rarely times when a Cain Time pass is not printed but the student needs to attend a Cain Time. When this occurs, students will need to pay close attention to the Cain Announcement slides, and the Televisions in the hallways that display their student ID numbers and the location of their Cain Time for that particular day.

TUTORIALS ~ Before school in any math teachers classroom or After school in any math teachers classroom.

  • Ms. James B213
  • Coach Hickman B211
  • Mrs. Jones B210
  • Mrs. Hansen B111
  • Mrs. Vitela B112
  • Mrs. Ross B113

Tutorials is for students to come in and get a better understanding of concepts learned in class. I would like for students to attempt as much of the assignment as possible. If a student is having difficulty do not hesitate to send them in for tutoring before or after school.

Cain Time Intervention Program

It has come to my attention that some students need more practice to establish the necessary math skills for Pre AP Math. We have put into place an intervention program for students that will work at their own pace. Students will have access to the Think Through Math program during Cain Time. If they are not pulled for a specific class, they can work on this program in the library or computer labs to improve their skills. This will start within the first week of the second six weeks.

Remind 101 & Email Communications

I believe majority of my students and parents have access to the Remind 101 application I have set up for Pre AP Math. I have been utilizing the chat feature on this app to help students with questions about material covered in class or alert them if they have Cain Time but no pass. This feature is available from 7am to 7pm, Monday through Friday. All alerts are unavailable during the weekend hours.

Please do not use this correspondence for asking about grades or if specific things have been graded.

If you have a question or concern in regards to your students grades, please contact me through email and/or set up a conference with me at your convenience.

ASI ~ After School Intervention

Students that do not complete assignments in a timely manner will be assigned to ASI. This intervention is held after school every TUESDAY for the Math department until 5pm. Students will be notified 24 hours in advanced and parents will be notified the same day.

If you have questions or concerns about ASI please contact me by email or phone call during my conference period.

Coach Anderson's Assignment Calendar

The link below will direct you to the monthly break down of the unit assignments and assessments. Assignment and assessment dates are subject to change periodically. Please be patient while these adjustments are made and check back often for any updates.


Important Dates

Impact Day ~ Early Release Day

Wednesday, Oct. 14th, 8:45am-1pm

Cain Middle School

Maurine Cain Middle School

Conference Period: 5th @ 12:03pm to 12:48pm

Tutorials ~ Monday through Thursday

  • Before School 8:00am - 8:35am
  • After School 3:45pm - 4:30pm