The Temperate Deciduous Forest

Torie Gomez


  • Wildflowers grow in forest floor early in the spring before trees leaf-out and shade the forest floor.
  • Many trees are deciduous. Most trees have thin, broad, light-weight leaves that can capture a lot of sunlight to make a lot of food for the tree in warm weather; when the weather gets cooler, the broad leaves cause too much water loss and can be weighed down by too much snow, so the tree drops its leaves.
  • The trees have thick bark to protect against cold winters.

How the Plant Adapts to the Forest.

The plants have adapted to the forests by leaning toward the sun. Soaking up the nutrients in the ground is also a way they adapt.

How the plants reproduce

They reproduce through spores and not through seeds. spores are an asexual method of reproduction in plants. What this means is that spores contain both the male and female reproductive organs, so plants with spores can then reproduce on their own.