Origami Owl News

April 2015

Hello! Long-time, no chat...

I just wanted to check-in to see how things are going as we enter the busiest sales season next to Christmas. I know that most of us have experienced a great amount of stress, frustration, and disappointment with the over-night switch to the new system. I was just as bewildered as you...but the good news is that things are improving everyday. Orders are processing easily, and items are shipping at record pace.

I suggest that you spend sometime in your back office checking out all of the up-dates. A majority of the resources are now located in the O2 Academy. You can find the most recent up-dates on the right-hand side when you login to your Back Office. You can also click on Business Tools, then Company News for the most recent up-dates.

If you or your team are in need of training, I will be happy to offer assistance. Just let me know so we can set up a time and place. Out-of-State...not an issue =)

As always...reach out to your mentor for assistance, check the Owl Be Dangled Facebook group, and check your Back Office for help. There are lots of resources to help you work your business and make it successful.

Last night, I was playing online creating some Inscriptions pieces as I was listening to the STL training call from the NEST. The speaker, Deb, read a quote that resonated with me "If It's Meant to Be, It's Up to ME". It is so true for many aspects of our lives, but especially, our business. I am ordering one for myself, and I hope you will do the same.

Mother's Day Shipping Schedule

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TIPS for Entering a Jewelry Bar

  • Good news...when you enter guest orders into a jewelry bar the items are submitted/shipped as soon as the order is paid for...NO MORE WAITING for the JB to close! After you have entered the credit card information make sure you click APPLY PAYMENTS at the bottom of the screen.
  • When entering a guest order, make sure you click save order after you have entered the items. Then click apply payments. You can also apply all payments at the end.
  • The system is currently not allowing us to split payment or change the dollar amount of an order. If you need to split a payment, then I would recommend processing the guests credit card using your card reader (Pay Anywhere, Square, PayPal reader, etc) and enter your card for payment.
  • Need your items to ship to you versus the hostess? When you create the JB, place your address under the hostess and then in the section that says JB location input the hostess' address. When you input the orders for the JB you will see your address next to the word Hostess.
  • In order for the Hostess to receive free shipping on her purchases and free items, it is NOW 4 ORDERS PLUS HERS.
  • Make sure to select consolidated shipping in order to have the shipping fees of $4
  • Once you have entered the Hostess order and rewards press SAVE. On the left-hand side you will see PAYMENTS. Click here to enter the hostess payment and finalize any guest payments. Click APPLY PAYMENTS then click CLOSE THE JEWELRY BAR.

There is an entire section in the O2 Academy dedicated to JB...explore =)

How about a little COMPETITION to finish the month STRONG.

Competition #1

Submit $99pv or more for the month of April and be entered into a drawing for the Olive the Owl. I will be drawing 2 names =)

Competition #2

Submit $250pv or more for the month of April and be entered into a drawing for the Origami Owl Vintage Weekender Bag. I will be drawing 2 names.


Two ways to qualify...
  1. Promote this month.
  2. This one is for Leading Designers and higher, if you qualify as your earned title you will be entered. (example, You are a Team Leader and this month you get paid as a Team Leader).

You will be entered to earn $25 in PayQuicker cash!