A day to remember our soldiers

Why Anzac Day?

  • In WW1 Australia and New Zealand joined forces to back up the British in the war on the 25th April 1915 as we were part of their empire.WW1 started because a Serbian boy from a nationalist group shot down Austria's Archduke, Franz Ferdinand. Austria then declared war on Serbia

  • In the 4 years we were in the war all troops showed tremendous courage and acts of bravery which created the Anzac legend, part of the reason we have Anzac Day on April 25th.

  • The reasons Australian's have and take so much seriousness and have so much respect when Anzac day comes around is because our Australian soldiers showed up right loyalty, courage, sacrifice and bravery. The war effected many people back on the homefront with their husbands, brothers, uncles etc being killed or injured in war so Anzac day is the time for families to respect and reflect on how their family was effected by war.

Where the Anzacs fought

  • Anzac soldiers first landing was at Gallipoli beach in Turkey at dawn on the 25th April. Gallipoli was a massive lost for Anzac troops due to massive attacks lead by the turks but our troops courage and bravery did not go unseen. (Anzac Legend)
  • Anzacs also fought on the Western Front (fields of France and Belgium). This is where trench warfare first took place. Thousands of soldiers were also killed here and afterwards layed to rest in the same fields as were soldiers in Gallipoli.
  • Anzacs also trained and fought in Egypty aswell as fought in Palestine and played very important roles in these battles

Anzac Day Dawn Service

Tuesday, March 25th 2014 at 2:30am

Shrine of Remembrance/St Kilda Rd, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

  • I would like to invite you and your family to a Anzac Day dawn service that myself and other peers have organised! it will be a day to reflect and to pay your respects to those who sacrificed their lives to help out the British in war. At this event we will also have soldiers speaking about their experiences and reflecting back on their experiences.
  • I have provided you with the information above to educate you on WW1 and why we have Anzac Day

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Anzac Day dawn service reflections from Dunalley by 936 ABC Hobart