The Humiliation of Elizabeth Bennet

by Susan Fraiman


Elizabeth’s goes from an outspoken social critic to being devoid of judgment.

Mr. Bennet

  • authority in words
  • Freudian "masculinity complex"
  • "surrogate son"
  • Batallie's gift of "flesh"

Mr. Darcey

  • prideful "Father by virtue"
  • 2 Struggles against Elizabeth
  • Lydia Wickham fiasco
  • Elizabeth's vanity

the marriage

  • "price" of matrimony
  • Mr. Gardiner's role
  • unity of lovers, men, and classes


Agreed: fatherly role of men and power in words

Disagreed: sexual tension of father and daughter

Reader Response

It provides clarity on the sexism and revealed the complexity of Mr. Bennet. It contains literary value to a student, yet represent controversial ideas.