The Structure of the Brian

Frontal Lobe

The forward most area of the brain, it houses the properties of our mind that makes us human. Things such as thoughts, behaviors, and personality are within this lobe, our higher thinking having formed last in evolution.

ILD: The key to remembering this lobe is that something that is in front is important, unless you're a body shield then you're boned. So the frontal lobe is the most important due to the fact it makes us who we are, even if we live without it we'd be hollow characters, losing what defines us as humans and not animals, even if some of us smell and act like animals.

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Temporal Lobe

Ah the sound of Lili singing... Nothing makes my ears bleed more. This lobe helps one remember why I hate Lili and contains the hippocampus, which totally means I can remember that she makes me want to jump off a bridge. Not only that, it also identifies Lili's fracking face that scares the bejesus out of me.

ILD: Aye the name of the lobe is rooted in the word "tempo" which is easily remembered for sound and rhythm.

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Parietal Lobe

When it comes to this section of grey matter, touch is the main component of its abilities. With it you can feel sensations on the skin and understand temperature. Every time I see Lili I want to punch her, so she would totally feel my fist because of her parietal lobe... If she had a brain.

ILD: To remember this lobe, think of how Parietal sounds similar to Parental, and what does a clingy parent do when their kids stray for a moment? No not beat them, just wrangle them back in. Shout out to my mom.

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Occipital Lobe

In the farther part of our brain from our eyes is the occipital lobe, which ironically holds all of the processes connected with eye sight. Injury this part of the brain will cause your eyes to stop working, go blind like I do when I see Lili's face everyday.

ILD: I can always remember occipital meaning eye sight due to a comedian saying "ocular pat-down" for when someone is to size up a situation or building. Also oculus is actually a word that means "eye" so yeah, root word of occipital in oculus. I remember the location because of a video where a guy said he went blind for three days because he bruised his occipital lobe by falling on the back of his head.

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The thing that controls your balance and dangles from the back of your brain like that one bugger no one wants to point out to you, but its just so freaking disgusting. Controls your balance and posture, how you present yourself is very key in life, so if you mess with this one you're totally screwed mate.

ILD: Cerebellum sounds like cinderella, and she totally had to look all princess like, which means posture and balance. You know the things Lili does because she is a princess. #OnlyComplimentYou'llGet

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Voltaire- Brains lyrics