Schmendricks Bagels


Please don't toast!

Fine dining

As some of you already know, early his year D left her very lucrative job as an attorney to pursue a much tastier career as a bagel maker. She has started a bagel business called Schmendricks, which is bringing authentic Brooklyn style bagels to San Francisco. She's busy baking a couple dozen this morning for all of you to sample (they'll be in the kitchen). Please let us know what you think (and be honest!). Do keep in mind that these bagels should not taste anything like the average bagel you get in the Bay Area and might seem a bit strange at first if you don't have much NY bagel experience. For all of us on low carb diets, there's a special exception for good bagels.

Montreal Style Bagels: Part I

Schmendrick: 1) [Yiddish] A fool, clown, or nincompoop. 2) A seriously delicious, authentic bagel coming soon to San Francisco.