About Chinchillas

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Chinchillas are very soft animals. Some people raise chinchillas just to kill them for their fur to make coats jackets etc. Chinchillas are a very good choice for a pet but their are some requirements that you will need like food, a cage, dusting bath , snacks,also some type of way for them to exercise,they need to be taking out 2or3 times a day,and last but not least they need a lot of attention.


Chinchillas need food to live so make sure to change their food daily but be careful on changing their diet suddenly because if you do they will get sick.The way to prevent that is to keep some of the food that they had came with in their and mix it with the new kind in with it.


Chinchillas need cages one reason is to run around and to put them when your done taking them out and their done exercising. They need certain things like at least one hammock a tunnel and some wood treats for them to chew on.

Dusting bath

Chinchillas don't take regular they take dust baths.Chinchillas need a bath twice a week.They take dust baths instead of a real bath because of their fur if we put a chinchilla in water her fur would have to much oil in it.


Chinchillas get treats for good behavior like when they do tricks .


Chinchillas need exercise so its good to have an exercise ball or a exercise wheel for your chinchilla.


chinchillas need a lot of attention they need to be take in out 2 or 3 times a day.Its good for your chinchilla.

Wood treats

Chinchillas need wood treats to chew on so they don,t chew on their cage and break it and get loose.