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March 17 edition

YAKiT Kids

This week I learned about this app. I had Avery test it out for us. I took a picture of her with her triangle and she added the sound. I love this app because you can add a mouth to something that doesn't have a mouth, or you can make a photo talk.

Click here to get the YAKiT Kids app.

YAKiT Kids App Triangle

A Few SMART Notebook Tips

Watch the video below that I created to give you a few tips for using SMART Notebook.
Watch this video to see how to make your own screen recordings. You'll be able to record your voice with anything that shows on your computer screen. Want to show someone how to find something, or how to use a program? This is the perfect, free tool to use.

Find yourself giving the same directions over and over for something in your classroom? Make a screencast-o-matic recording for your students to watch if they forget what they should do.

Want to win a Blue Snowball microphone to use with your computer? Create your own screen cast recording and send me a link. You'll earn the Screencast badge and you'll be entered in a drawing to win this incredible prize! ($50 value) I have one that I use in all my recordings and the sound quality is much better than the built in microphone in your computer.

Screencast o matic

K-3 Teachers

Want to learn more about using technology in your classroom? Check out PreK-3 Digital Learning

You will need to create a free account, but they have free webinars and share information about using technology in your classroom.