Sydney Opera House

Craig, Royce, Troy and Rachael

The Designer

Jorn Utzon is a Danish architect. Born in Copenhagen in 1918 on April 9th. He grew up in the town of Aalborg. His entry was number 218 out of 233 entries. In 1956 the NSW premier announced a international competition to design the Sydney Opera House. Jorn Utzon has had many over seas projects in places like Morocco, Paris and Mexico. Jorn Utzons design has been named a UNESCO world heritage site. He won the Pritzker prize which is international highest architectural prize. He died on 29th of November 2008

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History of location

Bennelong Point is named after a young Aboriginal who was kidnapped by the English People. The English then built Bennelong a hut. Later in life Bennelong Point was a castle then a tram shed. Now in 2013 it is a world famouse opera house. Bennelong point was origanly the traditional land of the Gitta people. They have been sining their songs and dancing their dances for many many years. And now they perform at the Sydney Opera House.

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6 Interesting facts

1. Ther is an orgen that goes back 8m and has over 10,000 pipes.

2. By early 1965 he had finished the disigns for the glass walls that would close the shells.

3. Utzon solved the probolem of the shels by demenstrating to his architectural team by useing an orang.

4. The sydney opera house was inscribed in the worl heritige list in june 2007.

5. in 2003 Utzon receved the pritzker prize international architecture's highest harbor.

6. The sydney opera house is young when compered with other world wide iconc buildings.

Time line

1957= The compertition started

1959=The australian ballet was borne

1961= They finished the outside

1962= They finished the sound proof roofs on the inside

1973= The Qween opened it

2003=Utzon reseved the pritzker prize

2007= It became a world heratige site

2008= Jorn Utzon died

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They put Utzons design in the discard pile but had second thoughts and said "this is the one this is the nwe desing of the opera house." the judges were Coben Parkes, proffeser leslie Martin, Eeorsaariner and professer Ingham Ashworth. Applacations had to pay $20 regestration fee for the offical entery booklet. Atotal of 721 people did this.