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Take a leap forward with hypergloss prints

What is hypergloss printing?

Hypergloss printing is one that adds spot UV coating to a poster.

Spot UV coating is a glossy layer applied to certain parts of the print to make them stand out - it's just like lipstick for posters!

Why choose hypergloss posters?

Hypergloss posters are far ahead of ordinary or mediocre. This type of printing is matchless at bringing life into your prints - it looks amazing on posters, calendars and other similar collectible goods. This works well, because each spot UV poster is unique and can be customized in as many ways as your imagination allows.

The choices you have with hypergloss printing are virtually limitless. You can highlight text or images, create a background pattern that will only be visible in certain light, embed a secret message on your poster or cover every little detail in shiny, bright lacquer.

It's all up to you!

What are the sizes and prices?

We currently offer 3 sizes of spot UV posters. The price depends on the size you choose:

How long is the wait?

Regardless of what hypergloss design you choose, all we take to get your posters printed is 5 business days - no matter how many you order!

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