News Letter

By: Zaron J. Hayes

My winter break;

Basically I just hung out with my dad the entire break. On Christmas though, I went to my great grandmas to see my grandpa. I go there every year. I saw distant family, ate great food my grandmother prepared then after a few hours; I went to my other grandmas. Me and my dad had fun over there. ate more food and just hung out: Opened presents. I didn't get to see my other grandma on Christmas but that is because I seen her on Christmas Eve. She always eats a little earlier than on Christmas. I have no idea way either. I enjoyed my Christmas a lot; I just wanted break to be a little bit longer. It flew by way to fast for me; but I loved every single gift I got and I couldn't be happier. Me and my dad also went to Crown Center and took a picture: here it is.
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