Overview/ Causes

There were many causes to the apartheid in South Africa. British people wanted control but the native africans didn't want them to have control. The whites ended up with power and passes laws that segregated people. The population Registration Act was a law passes to separated people. This act caused a lot of problems for people. Many blacks lost their jobs and many blacks rioted and revolted. Revolts included sports boycotts of south africa. The United States was on the south african side and wanted their rights. They wanted to help by taking away attacks and helping them when they do get attacked. The US also wanted to help the african congress and encouraged them to change.
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The everyday lives of people changed when the apartheid began. Blacks didnt have a fair life with all the segregation rules they had to follow. They were not allowed to use the same things as the whites. This caused many people to be angry. Childrens education was affected because they were involved in strikes against the segregation laws. People were frightened when a state of emergency was created in 1985, under which the media was censored and arrests without warrants were made legal. Tens of thousands of black africans were detained and arrested. The independence of Namibia, South Africa's northern neighbor, in 1990 was a great step towards equality within South Africa.
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There were many impacts of the apartheid on south africa. Klerk wanted to dismantle the apartheid and released nelson mandela who was the ANC leader. The offical end to the apartheid and apartheid laws was in 1992. The south african nations gained their independence between 1975 and 1980. The blacks gained rights and many of the blacks that were imprisoned were freed.
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