Cub Scouts - Pack 18

May-June 2015

Scout Service Day - Thank you!

We had two boys that showed up for the Scout Service day on March 28th: Jack Henningsen and Jordan Hanson from the Webelos den. They worked VERY hard splitting wood at Nativity Lutheran. All the wood that Nativity gets is donated. They chop it and prepare it for distribution into the community to the needy that use it to heat their homes in the winter month. The two boys and two adult from the Pack surprised everyone there with their great work ethic and the production of a HUGE pipe of split wood to show for it.

Great job and thank you! We hope to see more volunteers in the future. Service is a big part of scouting and will be further encouraged in Boy Scouts (with it being part of rank advancements and character building). Never too early to learn....

Camp Cards fundraiser! Great job.

We got in all the camp cards in on time. Great job scouts and parents. The Pack did well with a total sale of 464 cards!!! WOW!! On top of it, we had three boys that raised enough to pay for both resident camp and day camp: Brady White, Josh Schrank and Jack Minahan. A congrats to these three boys comes down from Council in an email today.

The following boys sold and earned the following:

Brady White - 96 cards - $247.00 + free daycamp

Josh Schrank - 90 cards - $225.00 + free daycamp

Jack Minahan - 80 cards - $200.00 + free daycamp

Gabe Hughes - 39 cards - $97.50

Jack Henningsen - 24 cards - $60.00

Liam Spinney - 22 cards - $55.00

Owen Spinney - 21cards - $52.50

Jordan Hansen - 21 cards - $37.50

Connor Steward - 18 cards - $45.00

Rowan Benedict - 15 cards - $37.50

Jonathan Greenburg - 15 cards -$37.50

Ian Salotti - 12 cards - $30.00

Jaxon Mancuso - 11 cards - $27.50

With conversation with District and Council, reimbursement for Day Camp to Brady, Josh and Jack will be sent out to the Pack sometime in mid May. When the check is received, the Pack will cut you a check.

For everyone else, this money will be in your scout account that is maintained by the Pack. It can be used to pay for any BSA expense. If you have a question of what that means, please ask or look on the webpage for information.


If you know any boys that are interested in the cub scout program, please have them call or email either Chris Henningsen or Russ White. The best way to get boys into the program is to have the boys introduce the program to other boys. Those boys that are in Kindergarten now are eligible to start Tigers in June. These boys can also sign up for any camp at early bird prices. They are not eligible for Pack camp scholarship (because they didn't participate in fundraising), but we want to get them involved and get them to camp!

Boys get a patch for their uniform if they get a boy to join.


Day Camp 2015 - Crater Lake Roundup

We have the following scouts going to Day Camp (June 15-18th) :

Jack Minahan (Webelos 2)

Jordan Hanson (Webelos 2)

Connor Steward (Webelos 1)

Josh Schrank (Webelos 1)

Jaxson Mancuso (Bear)

Gabe Hughes (Bear)

Waylon Brazier (Bear)

Ian Salotti (Bear)

Brady White (Bear)

Zachary Hollibuagh (Wolf)

If you aren't on the list and want to go, act quick. The longer you wait the more expensive it gets. Missing early bird registration, the cost is now $95, going up to $100 after June 1st. Get it to Chris Henningsen if you still want to attend.

Day Camp Parent meeting (manditory)

If you (parent/guardian) are going to Day Camp, there is a mandatory meeting scheduled for May 28th at 7pm or June 6th at 9am. Both meetings will be at the LDS church off of Knott Road (60800 Tekampe Road). Go to one or the other, not both. This is the camp directors opportunity to tell you what to expect, tell you the safety procedures of camp, and go over youth protection. Youth protection will be more important at this camp than ever before because of the types of activities provided this year. Know what you can do, and what you can't as an adult around the boys. These meetings generally take between 1 hour to 1.5 hours, depending on the number of questions. You don't need to bring anything other than yourselves (and maybe something to take notes if you want).

Day Camp..yes another announcement

The camp organizers have announced that on the closing camp, Thursday 18th, dinner will be provided. For the activities on this last day, each Pack will be in charge of an individual carnival style booth of your choice. Some suggestions include (but not limited to) are wild west roping, balloon shooting (darts) or anything else that is wild west related. If you have an idea, get that idea in now to avoid Pack's doubling up. First come first serve. Get those ideas in now! Prizes will be provided by the camp.

With all that said, we need a parent that is attending Thursday to organize this booth. We don't need to have you do everything as there are other adults and they will be helping, but you will be the point of contact for the camp directors.

Questions... contact Chris Henningsen or you can contact the directors (Suelynn Jacobus and Tasha McFarland )

Cub Scout Resident Camp

Resident Camp is July 24-27, 2015. The following boys and adults are signed up to attend:

  1. Chris & Jack Henningsen
  2. Russ & Brady White
  3. Eric, Liam & Owen Spinney
  4. Zach & Connor Steward
  5. Kelly Reynolds & Jordan Hanson
  6. Christian & Rowen Benedict
  7. Jaxson Mancuso
  8. Jack Minahan

By the April Pack meeting (this next week 4/28) , I need to have the remaining fees paid, USDA forms, and T-Shirt sizes (YS, YM, YL, YXL, AS, AM, AL, AXL). Medical forms (parts A, B and C) need to be submitted a month before camp. Please don't wait until the last minute to do your medical forms because it requires a medical visit.

Please make checks payable to "Pack 18". If you didn't use your $40 Pack scholarship yet, don't forget to make the check for $40 less than the total amount. Those on this list should have received an email by now with cost due at the Pack meeting (including scholarship and camp card money deductions).

It's going to be great!!

Webelos Go much for the fish population

It's the Busy time of year....

Yes, it's that time of the year where everything happens at once. We have scouts, school events, baseball, basketball and the list goes on... What we ask is that when you know your boys schedule to share it with your den leader. They will try to reorganize the meeting schedule (if they can make it happen with their personal schedules) to ensure we get the max participation possible. With the weather getting nice and the days getting longer, this is when scouts can get fun and really hold their attention in the program, so it becomes important to get them to the meetings.

Boys being boys...Zach and Jackson go for a hike

Big image

Bend Elks Baseball Game

It was just announced that the annual BSA Bend Elks game and campout is on June 27th. Times and costs have not been announced yet. For those that haven't doe this before, every scout comes in uniform to the game. Afterward they have the option of camping out in the outfield and watching a movie. Mark your calendar. This is the first time when this event has been scheduled for the weekend so it is much easier for those that want to camp.

Last year cost was $3 for just the camp, $8.50 for the game with food, and $15 for game, food, and the sleep over. I would expect the prices to be comparable this year.

District Banquet

Saturday, April 25th, 6pm

2555 NW Shevlin Park Rd

Bend, OR

Please join us for a banquet of fun and food as we honor those volunteers who have made 2014 a great year of Scouting. We also honor the Eagle Scouts from the past year. $5 per person with tickets available at the scout office or at the door. This is an adult only event.

Pack Meeting - Cake Bake

Tuesday, April 28th, 6:30pm

60850 Brosterhous Road

Bend, OR

In the past we have had a cake bake auction for fundraising. This year we did so well, we aren't selling off the cakes. Instead we are doing a cake walk and then EATING them. The catch is this...the scout must make the cake (with adult help of course). Just have fun and make it a learning experience.

Roundtable Meeting

Thursday, May 21st, 7pm

Tekampe Rd

Bend, OR

MANDITORY Roundtable for Cubmaster and Committee Chairman or anyone else that wants to attend. This is the District unit program planning meeting. The more people from the Pack, the better.

Pack Meeting - ROCKETS!

Tuesday, May 26th, 6pm


Yes, we will be launching rockets at this meeting. More information to come.

Cub Scout Program Kick-off

Wednesday, May 27th, 5-7pm

Scout Store

Are you curious about the new Cub Scout program that starts in June 2015? The scout office is holding a fun get together, with drinks and snacks, for scouts, parents and leaders to come and see the new books, awards, and ask questions about the changes coming to the Pack near you.

Day Camp parent manditory meeting (Option 1)

Thursday, May 28th, 7pm

Bend LDS Church - Tekampe Road and Knott Road

This is a mandatory meeting for all parents/guardians coming to Day Camp. Come to either this meeting/training or the one on June 6th. Don't go to both.

Day Camp Manditory Meeting (Option 2)

Saturday, June 6th, 9am

Bend LDS Church - Tekampe Road and Knott Road

This is a mandatory meeting for all parents/guardians coming to Day Camp. Come to either this meeting/training or the one on May 28th. Don't go to both.

Pack Meeting - Graduation

Friday, June 12th, 6pm


On Friday, June 12th we will have our Pack graduation. This is where boys move on into their next den (tigers to wolves, wolves to bears, etc.). More information to come. Watch your emails for location updates as we get closer. The Pack will be purchasing neckerchiefs and distributing at this meeting. Parents/guardians will need to purchase books, hats, and slides.

Day Camp

Monday, June 15th, 2am to Thursday, June 18th, 8pm

Redmond LDS - 450 SW Rimrock Way, Redmond

Camp starts at 2:15 daily and runs until 8pm. Please be there around 2:00 or as otherwise instructed by the Camp Director at the adult mandatory meeting.

Bend Elks BSA baseball night

Saturday, June 27th, 6pm

401 Southeast Roosevelt Avenue

Bend, OR

Vince Genna Stadium. Cost and exact time still unknown but will be announced when we know. This is a fun event when you come out and watch a Bend Elk's baseball game. This is a district event where boys (and adult leaders) come in their scout uniform and have a good time. After the game, boys and parents can stay for a movie and then sleep over night in the outfield.

Clean the Butte

Sunday, July 5th, 9am

Pilot Butte, Bend, OR, United States

Bend, OR

More information to come. This is an annual event where Boy Scout and Cub Scout come together to clean up Bend's Pilot Butte after the firework show. Come help beatify our community.

The Pack needs your help....

We need help from adult.

Cub Master. Chris will be leaving this position December 2015 and leaving the Pack in February as Jack leaves for Boy Scouts. Start thinking about the future of the Pack. Join up as an Assistant Cub Master and learn the position.

Willing to help organize events? We need you! Contact Chris Henningsen or Russ White. We have only a few people on our committee that do everything for the Pack. Let's lighten the load (Many hands make easier work). Similar to last year's Christmas parade, if we don't get people to help organize, the Pack will miss out on many opportunities.

Day Camp booth organizer for Thursday, the last day of Day Camp.

Contact us!!

Whether you are looking to join, or you are a member of the Pack and have questions or comment, give us a call or email us at your convenience.

Pack Committee

Committee Chairman - Russ White

Cubmaster - Chris Henningsen

Treasurer - Christian Benedict

Advancement Chair - Rachel Cantrell

Fundraiser Chair - Curt Schrank

Secretary - Eric Spinney

Tiger/Wolf Den Leader - Michelle White

Bear Den Leader - Wendy Schrank

Webelos Den Leader - Chris Henningsen

April's Pack Committee Meeting - Meeting Minutes

Participants :

Russ White, Chris Henningsen, Rachel Cantrell, Christian Benedict, Curt Schrank, Eric Spinney, Michelle White, Wendy Schrank, Greg Ford

Points of Discussion:

  1. Can a Sibling use money from other sibling in pack? Or transfer to his sibling? Yes, funds can be transferred as a gift. Kids can donate personal funds to other pack members in need. If you are purchasing a scout related item (backpack, book, uniform, sleeping bag, etc.) purchase will need to be made and receipt submitted for reimbursement. It's a good idea to get verbal approval of purchase before to ensure it is deemed reimbursable with scout funds.
  2. Next pack meeting (next week) cake walk. No fund raising, like the Jewell cake walk at the fair. Boys are to make their own cake with parent help as needed. Eat cake at meeting.
  3. Den leaders let Chris know who needs rockets (meaning what kids will not be there)
  4. Chris will work out a place for crossover/graduation. Probably a park, meadow camp maybe.
  5. Summer activities (for summer time award): June and July are covered with camps, need an activity for August, maybe fishing, swimming
  6. Pack training needs to be done,a lot of it can be done online
  7. Someone from pack has to go through outdoor leadership training as Chris is the only one currently trained
  8. Need more parent volunteers especially with many (and Chris moving) on next year
  9. Elks game this year is June 27