Force Out

By: Ryan Schweitzer period 3

Who is the Author?

The author is Tim Green. He has written many other sports books.

How Many Pages are in the Book and what is the Lexile?

The number of pages that are in the book Force Out are 282 and the lexile level is 760.

What the Genre of the Book?

The genre of the book is sports and it talks about 2 boys who both are very good at baseball and are trying to make a travel team.

Which Character changed the most from the Beginning to the End?

Joey changed the most from the beginning to the end because at the beginning he was so focused on getting his friend to play in the championship that he drugged a dog and broke a fuel line pipe and he was nervous about all this other stuff. Then, at the end he admitted he drugged the dog and broke the fuel line to save Zach from getting in trouble even though he was no longer his friend and Joey was just more confident and sure of himself.

Which Minor Character had a Major Importance in the story?

Leah was the minor character that had the major importance because she the one hung out with Joey and Zach at Gideon Falls and at school. She was the one who liked Joey and Joey liked her back and then she kissed Joey.

Was it an Effective Ending?

Yes it was, because at the end Joey finally told the truth which was the right thing to do and a good way to end the story.

Angels in the Outfield (1994) Official Trailer - Danny Glover, Tony Danza Movie HD

Wht does Movie remind me of this Book?

It reminds me of Force Out because their are teams fighting for the same this in Angels in the Outfield, like how Joey and Zach are fighting for the same thing.