I Am Me

By Melissa Deieso

My favorite movie is the Twilight Saga movies

Its my favorite movie in the world and i love it so much!!! Its very interesting and cool and i watch it all the time! I know that it will be my favorite movie for the rest of my life because its an amazing movie!

I love animals

I love animals because they are so cute and adorable. My favorite animal is a guinea pig because they are so soft and its cute when they make the squeak sound. I also like zebra's because i like the black and white stripes on them and how they are designed on them.

I Have 2 Dogs And A Baby Hamster

I Love To Sing

I love to sing because it makes me happy and my friends tell me I have a good voice. I sing all the time especially on car rides because I am always bored on car rides but when I sing it makes it fun and fascinating. But I have a fear of singing in front of people, even my friends but I have sang in front of some of my friends but it was hard because I didn't know what they would have thought about my voice.

I Have Two Siblings

I have one sister who is the oldest and she is 19 and she is the best sister in the world because she has helped me through so much and she was always there for me when I needed someone to talk to. I also have a brother and he is the second oldest and he is 16 but he doesn't help me as much as my sister does and we fight a lot more than me and my sister do but I still love him and I know he loves me. My brother and sister are the best siblings ever and I love them so much and I couldn't ask for better siblings!