Vol.4 Sept.Issue

Welcome Back!

We are so excited you are back and wish you great success this school year! One of my goals is to keep you as informed as possible about the transfer process. Transfer Times is a monthly newsletter that will include information you will need as you prepare to transfer from MCC. If you need assistance between now and your intake meeting, please contact me at (254)299-8451/ or Mr. Cotten at 254-299-8491/ We look forward to seeing you soon!

--Mrs. Munoz

Colors Day at the office!

Red Raider or Aggie, it's all good in this neighborhood!
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What Stage of the Transfer Process Are You In?

A common question students have is “what should I be doing to prepare to transfer?” Below is a general description of the transfer process. Identify which stage you are in and see what you can look forward to.

Stage 1 Awareness (Semester 1): Haven't thought about it much

Stage 1 Awareness (Semester 1): Started to research (i.e. brainstormed and researched universities I am interested in, began to collect university information, attended/plan to attend transfer workshops, scheduled a meeting with advisor to determine my MAJOR, etc)

Stage 2 Exploration (Semester 2): Continuous research (i.e. I have identified some of the universities I am interested in, compared them, researched the cost of each school and potential scholarships, visited campus, etc)

Stage 2: Exploration (Semester 2): I know where I want to transfer, and I am researching application/financial aid deadlines

Stage 2: Exploration (Semester 2 or 3): I am familiarizing myself with the application requirements for each of the universities I want to transfer to

Stage 3: Application (last semester): Started my admissions application (use for public universities in Texas), requested my transcripts, and called the admissions office to check if they offer fee waivers.

Stage 3 Application (last semester): Submitted admissions application, application fee or fee waiver, and transcripts

Stage 3 Application (last semester): Submitted FAFSA

Stage 3 Application (last semester): Submitted SCHOLARSHIP application (often a different application from the admissions application)

Stage 3 Application (last semester): Received acceptance letter

Stage 4 Transition (last semester): Working on a financial plan and housing arrangements


In order to be considered priority for financial aid, you must apply for both admissions and financial aid by these Priority Deadlines! Often, you will need to be accepted to the university before you can apply for financial aid. This means, your goal should be to apply for admission BEFORE the following deadlines:

Texas A&M University– for the Spring 2016 Semester apply by October 15 2015; for Summer/Fall 2016 Semesters- Application opens Jan.1, closes March 1, 2016

UT Austin– Applications for Spring 2016 and Fall 2016 are now open! Spring Semester- apply by October 1; Summer/Fall Semester- apply by March 1, 2016

UT Arlington- Spring 2016 Semester- apply by November 1 2015; Fall 2016 Semester-apply by April 1, 2016

Texas State- Spring 2016 Semester- apply by November 15 2015; Fall 2016 Semester-apply by March 1, 2016

University of North Texas- Spring 2016 Semester- apply by August 15 2015; Fall 2016 Semester- apply by March 15, 2016

Tarleton- Spring 2016 Semester- apply by December 1, 2015; Fall 2016 Semester- apply by May 1, 2016

Texas Tech- Spring 2016 Semester- apply by October 1, 2015; Fall 2016 Semester- apply by March 15, 2016

Don't see your target university on this list? Check their website or contact your TRiO SSS advisor.


SEPTEMBER 17, 2015

What? Transfer Thursday, a time for you to meet admissions counselors and recruiters from MCC's University Center- Tarleton State University and Texas Tech University.

Where? LTC- Cafeteria open space

Time? 10:30am-1pm- come and go as your schedule allows.

How do I sign up? You do not need to sign up in advance BUT YOU DO NEED TO SIGN IN at the event! Attending TWO Transfer Thursdays= 1 TRIO SSS workshop credit.

SEPTEMBER 25, 2015

What? Texas Wesleyan & TCU College Visit

Where? Fort Worth, Texas

Time? 7:30am-6:00pm

How do I sign up? Please stop by or call the front office at 254-299-8431 to sign up in advance!


OCTOBER 6- Transfer Information Workshop @ 3-4pm; LTC 212

OCTOBER 15- Transfer Thursday- Texas A&M University System @ 10am-1pm

LTC Cafeteria