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Overview of The Holocaust

The holocaust was a time during WW2, where Hitler would take innocent people like Jews more or so and put them in camps to starve them, burn then by fire and do testing on them. It was a vary cruel time period, the Germans would kill 2 out of every 2000,000 Jews.


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Gestapo from the German pronunciation, was the (state police, or secret state police of Nazi Germany Originated in Europe.)

Gestapos main Purpose was to take down anyone that seamed like a threat to Nazi Germany. Gestapo had a history with power struggle and anyone who wanted to be powerful. they had 2 goals 1: to hunt Jews and any other untermenschen and 2: to tackle any threats.

Original research questions

What importance did Gestapo have on the Holocaust?


Gestapo's main purpose was to hunt out those considered a threat to Nazi Germany. They for known for committing Nemours acts of disproportion, and they where under direct control of Heinrich Himmler who controlled all of police units within Nazi Germany.

How was the letter from gestapo office sent to labz a big problem for the Jews?


It was a big problem for them because, he complained that other organizations got more food then their shelter and that it wasn't good, that meant for the kitchens they had less supplies. So, the cooks had to us water oil and other things to get them some type of food. The Jews started to starve from the lack of food witch lead to dying.


''Jews where turned into beasts who would work till they dropped dead for a slice of bread!''


(George orwell 1984 book the holocaust 2nd edition)



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