Leeds SCITT Newsletter

Issue 3 Spring 2016

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Welcome to the Leeds SCITT Newsletter

Welcome to the Leeds SCITT Newsletter. Our aim is to share good practice across our Partnership, keeping all interested parties up to speed with key information and share tips on how to become outstanding trainee teachers. This is your newsletter, so please feel free to email and share your experiences of how you or your colleagues have used innovative strategies/resources which have contributed to pupils making excellent progress.

Helpful reminders and points to consider!

This week…

  • Continue to set focused targets during your mentoring meetings to support you in addressing key areas. You could use the language of the Teachers' Standards as outlined in the placement report (also located in the Stage 3 Manual pages 65 -80) to aid you and your SBT in the writing and evidencing of these targets. Remember it is important to share these targets with all of the host teachers in the department to ensure lesson observation feedback is focused, to allow you to evidence the targets you and your SBT have set.
  • Continue to email your SEF to your SBT 24hrs prior to your mentor meeting and cc your Link Tutor in too.
  • Continue to observe a pupil or group of pupils in a range of learning contexts (different subject classes, special needs unit, pastoral setting etc) in preparation of your 'Supporting Individuals' enquiry report. Use the Inclusive Learning Lesson Observation Pro-forma (see Stage 3 Proforma pack) and for guidance refer to page 46 of the Stage 3 Manual.
  • Try a new questioning technique, see below for some ideas.

Stage 3 Priority – Becoming an Outstanding Trainee Teacher

Evidencing the Teachers' Standards

Each week we will focus on one of the Teachers’ Standards, to look at ways on how this specific 'Standard' could be evidenced in supporting you in becoming outstanding in this area. This week we will take a look at TS1 - Set High Expectations which Inspire, Motivate and Challenge.

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How can we evidence TS1?

For your SEB, the evidence for addressing the TS1 Standard is found in your lesson observations and lesson plans relating to two or three Key Stages. Take a look at the link to some questions which will hopefully get you to think about they ways in which you could achieve this 'Standard'.
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Question time!

As questioning is not explicit in the Teachers' Standards, each week we will endeavour to focus on a questioning strategy.

Here are a few ideas for you to try!

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Give each pupil a '?'card on entry - the aim is for the pupil to lose their card during the lesson by answering a question correctly

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Useful Reminders from Stage 1

Sharing good practice

Teaching and Learning Ideas - Please keep sharing!

A big thank you to Anna Carolan (History trainee) and Rebecca Leach (her SBT) at Templemoor School, Leeds. Anna has shared with us a video of her lesson, where she was using a resource to support discussion within a group activity. Here is what she had to say,'...

Year 9 - Hitler's Steps to War

In today's lesson I gave the pupils in their groups of four, different sets of images to be able to piece together and 'present' or tell me a story of Hitler's steps to war. I chose the images in advance and organised them into different piles which were specific for each group. The pupils had to use all the cards in their group discussion. I included images that were straightforward and simple such as an image of Hitler and a map of Austria, that they could link quite easily. I then included images that would be difficult to associate, and should make no sense to them at first sight. Such as: a picture of peas (apPEASement!) a jigsaw, a child in a sweet shop and a monkey covering its eyes, and an emoji. The pupils had to include all the images in Hitler's steps to war and couldn't leave any out of their presentation. The pupils had 25 minutes to complete this activity and then present to their peers.

All pupils were really engaged and ‘jumped’ on the images straight away. I moved around the room to hear their discussions, questions and their stories relating to the images. This worked so well that I am planning to apply this to World War 1.

I did something similar as a starter for explaining how William Harvey discovered blood circulation. The images I used were of a lizard, a water pump and a ‘one way’ sign. Through teaching and learning, by the end of the lesson pupils could tell me how all the images could be linked together.

Finally, I believe it allows the pupils to be creative and to think ‘outside of the box’ and it can be adapted for any subject area.

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Group Discussion Template

I used this template to support the pupils in their group discussion. It was given to me by my mentor Rebecca Leach. This was a useful resource as it allowed all the pupils to contribute their individual ideas, to inform an overall group judgement on appeasement.
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Outstanding Jorney!

'It's all about the learning'.

A massive thank you to Gillian Griffiths for creating this video at Guiseley School, with the support of Kate Stephens, Kristie Stubley, Bethan Lord, Naomi Onitiri, Vicky Edwards, Jade O'Donovan and Kim Sykes, our Art & Design and Design & Technology trainees.

Thank you for sharing this with everyone and as the video shows,

'Go For Outstanding Go For Leeds SCITT'!


Over to you!

Leeds SCITT hope you have found this newsletter helpful. If you would like to send your suggestions, ideas, videos, sharing of good practice to include in the next newsletter please let me know. A big thank you again to Anna, Gillian, Kate, Kristie, Bethan, Naomi, Vicky, Jade and Kim, you will also receive an Amazon voucher as a token of our appreciation for sharing your ideas and resources this week. There are still a limited number of vouchers available for your contributions, so please email your ideas!

Have a great week and we look forward to hearing from you soon.