Safety Data Sheet



Symbol- Ss

Atomic Mass- 97.07 Kg

Discovered By- Pam And Eddie Smith on September, 9th 1999 in Dallas, TX

Occurs- Most high concentration at RHS or in it's room at home. Low concentration in family room.

Physical Properties

  • Warm to touch.
  • very pale/white colored.
  • Boils when people are rude.
  • Melts when relaxing on Youtube.
  • Can cause laughter when time is presented.
  • Angry- when it can't do math hw.
  • Happy- when editing.
  • Sad- when it can't make someone smile.
  • Becomes stubborn and unyielding when in an argument.

Chemical Properties

  • Is repelled By- Bad smells and hot or cold weather.
  • Is attracted to- Good smells and food.
  • May explode spontaneously if frustrated.
  • Requires- Copious amounts of Tea and Chips.
  • Is inert if- In awe of a great piece of work or structure.
  • Will repel- Females :/
  • Is impervious to loud noises.