MIlton Hershey

Rebecca Moore

His Life

Milton Hershey was born september 13th, 1857 to Veronica and and Henry Hershey. He was part of the Mennonite colony He grew up speaking "Pennsylvania Dutch".

In 1887 Milton Hershey founded the Lancaster Caramel company. This company quickly became famous and in 1900 Hershey bought a 30 acre farm where he could get fresh dairy milk to make fine milk chocolate. Through trial and error Hershey created his own milk chocolate recipe.

In 1903 construction began on what would become the largest chocolate manufacturing company in the world.Construction finished in 1905 and Hershey's Chocolate became the first nationally marketed product of it's kind.

Milton and his Wife "Kitty" could not have children so they created the Hershey Industrial School. However, his wife died prematurely in 1915 and in 1918 he gave most of his assets including the control over the company to the Milton Hershey Industrial School Fund to benefit the school.Other charitable organizations like the M.S. Hershey Foundation were founded in his name also.

During WW II Hershey Chocolate bars were supplied to the Armed Forces. They invented special "high-endurance" chocolate bars that would not melt in the high tropical temperatures.

Milton S. Hershey died at the age of 88 October 13th, 1945 and Hershey hospital. There is a large bronze statue of him there now.