Dr. Shaw's Weekly Newsletter

January 19th - 22nd

Greetings Everyone!

Our first full week back was very productive. We did have some issues with staying on task, monitoring our talking, and getting homework done. Both Mrs. Blankenship and I are concerned about these issues. Students need to accept the responsibility of displaying appropriate behaviors and getting their work done. Please check your child's Friday Folder and if you see any checks for work or conduct habits. We would appreciate it if you would discuss the issue with your son or daughter.

Monday is a school holiday in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The rest of the week is packed with academics. Please keep an eye on the eClass page and/or your email for any updates.

Here's a look at next week...

Next week in math, we will officially wrap up our fractions unit with an exemplar that will count as a test grade. The exemplar focuses solely on multiplying and dividing with fractions and whole numbers. I'll return the daily grade we took on the 15th when we return to class on the 19th. Everyone did very well! We'll review for the balance of that day and the exemplar will be given Wednesday. On Thursday, we will begin our geometry and measurement unit. Our first focus will be on the classification of two dimensional figures by their attributes (number of sides, length of sides, angle measures, and pairs of parallel sides). There is no assessment on this skill the week of the 19th.

In science, we will begin to learn about the "sum of parts" which relates to our study of magnification. The goal here is to increase students' awareness of how all living and nonliving things represent the sum of their individual parts. Some of those parts are visible and others are not necessarily visible to the naked eye. There are no graded assignments next week.

In social studies, we will wrap up our study of the Great War, also known as World War I. We will learn about how the events ending this first war set the stage for WWII. The students will also take a closer look at "propaganda" posters - those posters created during wartime that were intended to drum up support for the war effort. The study guide has been given out for our test on the 22nd. Study guides are due on the 21st. This test covers chapter six and there is a Quizlet set that can also be used for review.

In reading, Mrs. B will continue to guide the study of gaining evidence through text. The DG for this skill will be given over two days-Thursday and Friday. She will have a review of cause/effect in small group rotation, as well as a discussion of bias and how it may alter an informational piece into persuasive. This grade will include multiple choice as well as open response. The expectation to restate the question, “flavor blast” the answer, and edit for mechanics will be in place for this grade.

The daily grade in grammar for perfect tense verbs has been moved to the week of January 25th. The grade includes a section where parts of speech are assessed, so Mrs. B. will be reviewing the basics with the students next week.

Moving on to writing... The students have had extensive practice on gathering facts and including them in a writing prompt since returning from Winter Break. Next week, the students will have their first DG on answering a non-fiction based question with the inclusion of facts from the passage. Citing their evidence will be of great importance. Each day next week, the students will complete a small portion of the essay which will allow them to have a fully developed answer by Friday.

G/L Roots- The root focus is Sol/Mon which mean one. Depending on the students’ grasp of the words, a DG may be given Thursday. Please check your child’s agenda or eClass homework for an update.

Mrs. Blankenship understands that Classworks has been an issue for some of our students. Please note that if Classworks does not load properly or freezes, students may access Front Row reading instead. If internet connection is lost or becomes unavailable, please jot a note in your child’s agenda saying that they were unable to complete that assignment. Thank you!

Thanks to those of you who have sent in your permission slip form and payment. This is due on the 22nd.

Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for recess in the cold weather and that his or her name is marked clearly on the tag in their coat.

Important Dates

January 18th - School Holiday - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

January 21st - Science Fair Projects Due

January 21st - PTA Bingo Night

January 22nd - 100th Day of School!

January 28th - Chick-Fil-A Night

January 28th - 5:00 P.M. - Science Fair Open House

February 5th - Spring Pictures for Fifth Grade

Have a wonderful week!

Dr. Shaw