world religions-buddhism

misael basilio

most important belief

Buddha was a wise man that teaches a lot of things about life to people. All Buddhist follow the eightfold path that teaches them how to live life in a good way.

why they believe that

They believe in this religion mostly becuse all Buddha wanted was too live in peace, soo these people following in his steps want to also live in peace.

opinion of followers

I think they follow this religion because they want to have peace with Buddha. They also want to have a good life in the steps of Buddhism so they can have a good after life.

extremist actions

Some extremist light up fires in the lawns of non believers. They sometimes torture them by beating them. Although Buddhism is not a really violent religion they can cause some harm to others.

current event

Buddhist and Muslims have an all out war with some people being hurt and killed. This is a negative impact because Buddha wanted peace and they ain't getting any by fighting. In their point I'm with them because they want to keep their temples and all that.


The standing Buddha offering protection is a great piece of art made in the late 5th century on sandstone. The image shows the Buddha showing his inner calmness and stillness and him showing care.

music/ poem

"all that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become." it shows how Buddha believed in how you should follow you mind and it will give you peace. the lyrics are saying that you should follow your mind.