The Peace Crane and it's Mission

The bombing of Hiroshima

  • explosion wiped out 90 percent of the city
  • Many died of radiation poisoning
  • Bomb dropped on august 6th.
  • Japan surrendered on August 15th

Story of Peace Cranes

  • was inspired by the death of Sadako.
  • Sadako was diagnosed with leukemia, and created 1000 cranes in order to make one wish.
  • her wish was to get well and to have peace for other people like her.
  • people were inspired by her and created cranes in her honor
  • a monument was made after her and people all over the word make cranes and put them by her monument.

The promise of 1000 Origami Cranes

  • promises that anyone who folds 1000 cranes will be granted a wish
  • Takeda Oncology company will make a donation for every wish made
  • inspired by Sadako Salasi